Christmas Lights Electricity Cost + Tips to Save This Season!

Christmas Lights Electricity Cost

'Tis the season to be jolly, spend quality time with your loved ones, and FINALLY take down your neighbor Bob in this year's Holiday Home Decorating Contest! *Insert maniacal laugh here* Ahem...Where was I? Oh right! Although Christmas displays are merry and bright, they can have you yelling "Son of a nutcracker!" when your electricity bill arrives. Don't want to cringe when you see your Christmas li


Steve Noviello's Favorite Gifts 2016 - Energy Ogre

What do you give family and friends as gifts every year? You may offer some expensive knick-knacks for a collection. Or a brand spanking new tech gadget that's on a loved one's wish list. Gift cards and cash are always a hit, too. Likewise, you could take Steve Noviello's Favorite Gift suggestions!  Energy Ogre was featured on FOX 4 News in Dallas! Steve Noviello puts Energy Ogre at the top of his favorite gifts list! Promo code HOLIDAY gets you the 13th month free!

Electric Cooperatives in Texas

At Energy Ogre, we're proud to be helping thousands of people save on their energy bills. Yet a lot of people are ogre-vated that we can't help them. Why is that? It's because of the electric cooperatives in Texas. Unfortunately, virtually all the areas in Texas served by electric cooperatives, (co-ops or municipal utilities), are closed to retail competition. 

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