Wade Erickson, Energy Ogre Member, Saves 60% on Electricity

"I was able to reduce our bills from $350 on average down to $200 for almost 60% savings." - Erickson

Jun 14, 2021


Energy Ogre Review: Mike Pede with University of Houston

Meet Mike Pede, Associate VP for Alumni Relations at the University of Houston. He has been an Energy Ogre member since 2015. Mike trusts our team to ensure that he never overpays for electricity.

Apr 6, 2019


Energy Ogre Reviews: Matthew Goes Above and Beyond!

Energy Ogre serves our members in big and small ways every single day. However, our Ogre hearts really flutter when we truly make a difference for a member.

Jul 16, 2019


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Energy Ogre Customer Service: Giving Power Back to the Consumer

Deregulation of electricity granted most Texans the ability to choose from hundreds of electricity rates offered by numerous retail providers. With the increased competition, providers started getting creative with their contract terms. Many have resorted to adding gimmicks or hidden fees into the fine print

Jul 11, 2019