Energy Ogre vs. Power Wizard - What's the Difference?

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Shopping for electricity can be confusing and time consuming. All of the different prices, companies, and plan types can be a lot for one person to handle. Luckily, Energy Ogre saw this need and decided to shake things up in 2013. We became the first electricity management platform to help Texans make this important decision. And ever since, we’ve continued to be unbiased, solely focused on helping people have the best financial outcome when it comes to their electricity needs.

Seeing the value Energy Ogre brought to Texans, not surprisingly, more companies wanted to enter this space. One of those companies is called Power Wizard.

So, with the power to choose your electricity plan, you may wonder why Energy Ogre is the right choice over a company that claims to provide the same services, such as Power Wizard?

Energy Ogre vs. Power Wizard

Energy Ogre is an unaffiliated and independent company that helps consumers cut through tricky advertising to make sure they're getting a great deal on electricity. That means, Energy Ogre is truly YOUR advocate. We work with providers to secure great rates for consumers (even custom rates not available to the public), but Energy Ogre only receives payment from our members. Not a single penny comes from any electricity company we do business with.

Power Wizard says on their website that they’re unbiased as well, as they don’t receive compensation from electric providers. Unlike Energy Ogre though, Power Wizard does have a parent company, being owned by a company called NextEra Energy. NextEra is an electric utility holding company which also owns two retail electricity providers (REP) that operate in Texas. They are Frontier Utilities and Gexa Energy. Does that influence plan selection? Power Wizard says no. Still, just remember Energy Ogre is fully independent. We work for you and only you.

What Does Energy Ogre Do?

Energy Ogre is the big, green, electricity advocate for Texans. We're here to make powering your home easier, without costing you too much.

How Much Does Energy Ogre Cost?

Energy Ogre has a single pricing structure for our membership fees, which adds up to $120 per year. That amount can be paid as a lump sum once a year or in monthly installments of $10. 

For this price, a member’s benefits include:

• Simplified electricity-buying experience

• Most highly cost-effective plan in their area

• Routine market checks, comparing their current plan to new plans in the market

• Energy Ogre manages all future electricity plans

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How Energy Ogre Works

What Does Power Wizard Do?

Power Wizard is another tool for those looking for an electricity plan in Texas.

How Much Does Power Wizard Cost?

Power Wizard has two pricing structures. The first is a one time fee of $14.95 for a partial membership. The second is $120 per year or $10 per month for a full membership.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The benefit of Power Wizard’s partial membership is that after paying the one time fee, you are able to get plan recommendations instantly and keep access to Power Wizard’s suggestions for exactly 365 days.

A weakness of Power Wizard’s partial membership is that the customer will have to enroll themselves with the company that offers the plan Power Wizard has chosen for them. Being with Energy Ogre means the member doesn’t have to burden themselves with any enrollment procedures. Our team takes care of it all for the member! 

Another downside to Power Wizard’s partial membership is how they deduce which plans available are best for the customer. Currently, Power Wizard decides which plans to recommend based off of an estimation of what the usage SHOULD be for that specific home. On their website, Power Wizard is choosing what plans they recommend based upon the year built, HVAC, and square footage of the address given. This method of plan recommendation could be very harmful considering homeowners’ actual usages can be very different than what the size or age of the home could entail.

Recently, Power Wizard has added an option to enter your energy meter number to improve your usage estimates instead of only estimating what your home might use. But who wants to give out private information before even deciding to sign up with a company?

Energy Ogre prides itself on choosing plans based on members actual usage data safely and securely after signup. The customer deserves more than just an estimate based upon basic details of their home. They need a tailored analysis that ensures that their specific usage patterns are considered.

Go With the Original to Secure Texas Electricity Plans!

You might as well call Energy Ogre the “Energy OG!” The company was founded in 2013 and is the original Texas electricity market disruptor. Since then, we’ve gone from a handful of individuals to a large thriving company. When you call in to talk to a member care agent right here in Houston or use a tool on our website, you’re interacting with a fellow Texan. 

Since 2016, Energy Ogre has impacted the market by over 100 million dollars. That means that Energy Ogre has helped Texans take advantage of the competitive electricity market, not being the ones taken advantage of. 

So just ask yourself, why go with an Energy Ogre clone when you can be a part of the real deal!

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