Electric Companies, Energy Plans & Rates in Arlington, TX

Tarrant County, TX is an energy-deregulated area of Texas, meaning that residents have the Power to Choose their electricity providers in Arlington, TX. However, Arlington’s Power to Choose website, a free-to-use platform where Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) advertise their energy rates to Texas residents, can be difficult to navigate and misleading about the rates you’ll actually be paying

Our complete guide to Arlington residential power helps you decide between electric providers in Arlington, TX. You’ll understand the difference between fixed-rate, variable-rate, and prepaid electricity in Arlington, and you’ll know who to call for your Arlington power outage. Plus, we’ll cover how to switch Arlington electricity providers and tips for business, residential, and commercial electricity customers in Arlington.

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How Arlington’s Electricity Market Works

Arlington allows electricity consumers to choose their own electricity provider because Tarrant County is part of Texas’ deregulated energy market. Instead of being assigned an REP, you can pick and choose from several available power companies and electric plans so you can get the best energy rates in your area. If you live in Tarrant County, including Arlington and Fort Worth, you’ll have to shop through dozens of electricity plans to find the best one for your home electricity needs.

How to Shop for Electricity Plans in Arlington

Living in a deregulated electricity market like Arlington gives you the opportunity to shop around for the best electric company in your area. You’ll quickly notice how many Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) provide energy to your area, so you’ll want to sit down and look at each of them when you are shopping for electricity in Arlington.  

Arlington’s Power to Choose allows REPs to advertise their rates, but it isn’t always reliable. Providers are allowed to self-report their rates, meaning they don’t have to break down exactly how they’ll calculate your Arlington electricity bill. Utilizing your power to choose without any external guidance can often lead you in a situation where you’re paying too much for Arlington electricity.

Many Arlington residents will use an energy broker-agent, like Energy Ogre, who searches through all the available electricity plans and guarantees them the lowest electricity rates. Otherwise, you’ll have to sort through every provider’s Electricity Facts Label to estimate what you might be paying for your electricity in the long run.

How to Choose the Best Electricity Plan in Arlington

Before narrowing down the best electric company in Arlington, TX—you need to choose which type of electricity plan you want. The two major options are a fixed-rate plan and a variable-rate plan—and we’ll break down each. But there are also prepaid plans, commercial rates, and more. Let’s get into it! 

Types of Residential Electricity Plans in Arlington, TX

There are so many types of Arlington electricity plans to choose from, but with this power guide, we’re making it simple to understand each.

Fixed-rate plans in Arlington, TX

Fixed-Rate Plans guarantee you the same price per kilo-Watt hour (kWh) for the entire duration of your Arlington electricity contract. A fixed-rate plan is great if you sign up in the spring or fall as the price per kWh in Arlington is typically lower than in the winter or summer.

Time-of-use plans in Arlington, TX

If you’re not on a fixed-rate electricity plan, chances are you’re paying time-of-use rates. This means that your energy price per kWh is allowed to fluctuate depending on the time of day, so the Arlington electricity rate as advertised on Power to Choose may not be accurate. Be sure to watch out for “perks” like “free nights and weekends”; if an Arlington REP is giving you “free” electricity at certain times of the day, then that means they’re up-charging you at other times of the day.

Variable-rate plans in Arlington, TX

Like the name suggests, these plans’ price-per-kWh change monthly at the discrepancy of each REP. One positive: these plans have no cancellation fees. However, watch out for time-of-use policies on these types of contracts.

No-Deposit & Prepaid Electricity Plans in Arlington

This pay-as-you-go plan allows you to put some of your money in as a credit balance and then that balance is chipped away at by how many kilowatt-hours you use that month. If you’re someone who constantly checks their usage—this may be a good option for you, though be wary of the fees and variable electricity rates. 

Green Energy Plans for Arlington Residents

If you are interested in going green, a number of Arlington providers have renewable electricity plans for you. Simply filter by “renewable energy” so you can see which sustainable option best suits your needs. If you want help finding the most cost-effective renewable plan for your home, Energy Ogre is here for you!

How Energy Ogre Works

Industrial & Commercial  Energy Plans for Arlington Businesses

Because of the deregulated energy market in Arlington, businesses can benefit from affordable electricity rates, too. Most providers offer commercial plans, so just search accordingly.

How to Find the Cheapest Electricity Rates in Arlington, TX

To get the best energy rate, you’re going to need to dedicate quite a bit of time comparing all of your options. This could take multiple hours, even days to get through. You’ll want to keep in mind, each of the energy rates come with different power contract lengths, varying perks and potential fees. The best way to ensure you’re actually getting the cheapest electricity rate in Arlington is by working with Energy Ogre. We’ll compare energy plans and electricity rates with your home’s electricity usage profile to find your best rate. Simply enter your zip code and email into our tool below and we’ll do the rest.

Compare Texas Electric Rates

Best Energy Rates in My Area

At any given time, there are over 85 Arlington electric rates available, ranging from 6-36 months. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Energy Ogre knows how to compare electric plans and with our expert savings calculator tailored to your household energy needs, we guarantee you the best electricity rates in Arlington. Plus, we have access to exclusive electricity rates from REPs that aren’t offered directly to consumers. Whether you’re moving there and signing up for Arlington electricity for the first time or looking to switch to the cheapest electric company near you—we've got your back.

Electricity Providers in Arlington, TX

With the power to choose, Arlington residents have several available electricity providers to pick from. Here’s the list of available electricity providers in Arlington, TX:

  4Change Energy 


  Headquartered in Texas with a focus on giving back to the community 

  Amigo Energy 


  Founded in 2004 with a big emphasis on customer care 



  Provides power to over 1 million homes & businesses across Texas 

  Tara Energy 


  Founded in 2002 and offers same-day service

  Frontier Utilities 


  Has a plan for every type of electricity consumer 

  TXU Energy 


  Offers satisfaction guarantee with a free trial lasting 60 days 

  Payless Power


  Offers prepaid plans with daily usage alerts 

  Pulse Power


  Founded by Texans who wanted to make the energy market simpler

  New Power


  Offers transparent energy plans for Texans

  Just Energy


  Offers both traditional and renewable energy plans available 

  Power Next


  Powered by Texans who want to provide you with understandable rates

  Energy Texas


  Industry veterans available to offer you the competitive pricing you want

Switching Electricity Plans in Arlington, TX

As Arlington residents, you have the right to switch electricity providers and plans—even if you’re locked into a contract. If you’re monitoring other REPs and see better electricity rates elsewhere, you can pay an early termination fee (ETF) to break your contract and join with a new provider. Sure, it’s a money loss up front, but sometimes the savings you’d get with the new contract is worth it. 

But remember, if you don’t want the responsibility of constantly checking other electricity rates and comparing ETFs—Energy Ogre will do it all for you. We’ll determine if paying an ETF is worth the switch to a cheaper contract and update you immediately.

Arlington, TX Electricity FAQs

Now that you know a little more about Arlington, TX electricity, here’s a rapid-fire list of any remaining FAQs you may have:  

  • Who provides electricity in my Arlington, TX neighborhood? 
    • Your TDSP provides electricity, and your REP sells it to you. Tarrant county is serviced by Oncor electric delivery but there are many REPs that sell energy to residents. 
  • Who do I call for my Arlington power outage? 
    • Oncor! (your TDSP) However, you can always use this site for guidance on emergency electrical and gas services. 
  • How do I find the best electricity provider in Arlington? 
    • That’s easy— use Energy Ogre!
  • What is the average electric bill in Arlington? 
    • As of April 2023, the average Arlington electricity bill is around $150.

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