Energy Ogre vs Power to Choose - What's the Difference?

Energy Ogre vs Power to Choose

If you are used to shopping for electricity in Texas, you've probably at least heard about Power to Choose. We wanted to provide a little more insight into Energy Ogre vs Power to Choose to help you research the cost of electricity in Texas and decide what is right for you. 

Here are the biggest differences between Power to Choose and Energy Ogre.

Power to Choose

Energy Ogre

Power to Choose only lists the electricity rates advertised to them by REPs.

Energy Ogre has access to exclusive lower rates from select companies.

Power to Choose doesn’t predict your electricity rates based off your personal electrical consumption.

Energy Ogre predicts what you’ll pay with each plan based on your electricity needs and personal consumption profile.

Power to Choose doesn’t manage your electricity contract.

Energy Ogre can automatically enroll you in a new contract if rates drop to maximize savings. Energy Ogre also handles setting up your autopay and is always there for any questions you have about your contract or electricity in general.

What is Power to Choose? is the state's online marketplace where retail electricity providers (REPs) can post their available offers. Oftentimes, the details of the plan make how much you would be billed more complicated than the advertised rate. As the market becomes more competitive, shopping for electricity and comparing Texas electricity rates on Power to Choose gets even more confusing and time-consuming. What a lot of Texans believe they are getting could be drastically different from reality.

How Does Power to Choose Work?

You have the ability to shop plans available in your zip code. You can then narrow down your results by filters such as plan type, contract length, etc. While their comparison tool does give you some bullet points to consider, it doesn't show you how well a plan would work for the way you use electricity.

How Does Power to Choose Determine Electricity Rates?

REPs advertise their current rates, listing the price per kWh at three discreet disclosure levels of 500, 1000, and 2000 kWh. Power to Choose Texas also provides plan information, such as the delivery charges and all associated fees, in a document called the Electricity Facts Label (EFL).

A Power to Choose plan can be structured to seem competitive at the advertised price points, but the price per kWh in between those exact points can fluctuate significantly.

In reality, the average rate per kWh is not a very good way of judging an electricity plan. Most of the offers are actually offer curves. The price is almost always different for each kWh of consumption. Additionally, the rates are often structured with energy or consumption credits (free nights & weekends). That results in a low point on the price curves. This all adds up to lower than realistically achievable rates. For this reason, the credits and breakpoints often happen at exactly 500, exactly 1000, or exactly 2000 kWh. 

The problem is that virtually no one consumes exactly 500, 1000, or 2000 kWh during a month, let alone for 12 consecutive months. So in reality, the rate you think you are buying isn't exactly what you end up buying.

The price curve you are buying can often look very different from the straight line you thought it was.

How Do I Use Power to Choose?

Once you've decided to research Power to Choose Texas electric rates, the process from start to finish is actually fairly simple. All you have to do is enter your zip code on the front page and browse the available plans that pop up. 

Once you've found a plan you'd like to go with, you can either call the specific REP phone number provided or click the sign up link and head over to the REP's website. You then register yourself for the new contract and you're good to go.

Now you may think, "Is there a Power to Choose pay bill button too?" and the answer is no. Once you've signed up with your REP, everything is up to you as far as keeping up with your invoices and payments. Power to Choose simplifies the plan picking process but that's where their service ends. Energy Ogre not only goes through all the REP plans to pick the best one for you, but we also register you on the REP's website and handle all of your billing chores too.

What is an Electricity Facts Label (EFL)?

Alluded to earlier, the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) is the most important document regarding an electricity rate. The EFL includes details such as the delivery charges and all associated fees for your plan.

Most consumers don't even know what an EFL is and immediately sign up for a plan just because they see a low price. Be sure to read every detail of the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for any contract you are considering when shopping for electricity on your own. Please be careful and don’t let Power to Choose fool you into thinking that a plan is good for you without knowing your actual usage average each month too.

Still unsure if the plan you’re thinking of choosing is the right one after reading all of the details on your own? No worries, one of Energy Ogre’s specialities is cutting through the tricky wording and confusing structure of an Electricity Facts Label (EFL).

Energy Ogre: The Best Alternative to Power to Choose

Energy Ogre exists to take care of all your energy needs. Instead of having to shop for electricity each time your contract expires, our proprietary energy management systems control all aspects of the contract process and consistently monitor the market to ensure you are always on the best plan for your home.

We analyze your unique usage profile to select and enroll you in the correct plans, setting your account preferences with each new provider as well. We also handle all of the renewal activity for your account, so you never have to worry. Basically, we save you time and hassle while reducing your electricity costs as much as possible. Think of us as your butler except we’re a big green scary ogre instead.

How Does Energy Ogre Determine Electricity Rates?

Energy Ogre wants you to see the real savings you can achieve—not a guess based on what seems to be a low kilowatt-hour rate on various websites. Energy Ogre's systems interpret each rate offer in its entirety, taking into account all fees, delivery charges, and taxes, to discern the actual cost per kWh at any consumption level. (So no matter the usage, there are no surprises.) This allows us to predict within a reasonable amount of certainty exactly how much an electric bill with that rate would be in dollars and cents for a given month.

For more information on how it all works here at Energy Ogre, click right here.

How Much Can I Save With Energy Ogre?

As your electricity advocate, we want to make sure the plan we recommend will actually save you money. Our free Savings Calculator will show you exactly how much you could save with us! This calculator is part of Energy Ogre's ongoing effort to ensure all Texans in deregulated electricity markets are getting a fair deal at a fair price.

Run Energy Ogre's Free Savings Calculator

What Other Services Does Energy Ogre Provide?

Energy Ogre does far more than just finding our members the best electricity plans available. Some of the other services we offer are-

  • Set up your online account with the REP
  • Enroll your account in autopay so you never have to log in and make that payment
  • Full time customer service team to answer any and all questions instead of waiting on endless holds with REPs

Click here for an even longer list on what services we provide our members!

Power to Choose FAQs

Does Power to Choose Have Green Energy Options?

Yes, plans listed at "100% Renewable" are Green plans. Almost all plans utilize some renewable energy but only the plans that are listed at 100% are truly considered fully renewable or "Green".

Energy Ogre provides an option during sign up to choose if you would like to be enrolled in only 100% renewable contracts for our eco friendly members.

Why Can't Power to Choose Find Rates in My Area?

If no rates pop up when you input your zip code into Power to Choose, it is most likely because you live in a regulated area. The majority of Texas, roughly 85%, is deregulated and open to retail competition in the electricity market. Most electric cooperatives ("co-ops") and municipally-owned utilities ("munis") are exempt and remain regulated. Living in a regulated area means that you're not able to choose your own REP and Energy Ogre would not able to service you. 

Don't know if your city is regulated or deregulated? Check here!

Compare Texas Electric Rates

Does Power to Choose Have Commercial Options?

Power to Choose does not advertise commercial rates on their website. 

You can sign up for commercial service with Energy Ogre on our website just as you would for a residential account. You would use your first and last name and then the business address. Once you're signed up, we will reach out to you via email to gather your business information, such as the business name, Tax ID, and other pertinent details.

If you would like more information or assistance in signing up, feel free to call us at (832) 975-1000, and choose option 3 to speak to a commercial representative!

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