Energy Ogre vs Power to Choose - What's the Difference?

Energy Ogre vs Power to Choose

If you are used to shopping for electricity in Texas, you've probably at least heard about Power to Choose. You've also maybe heard some buzz about Energy Ogre through NextDoor or your neighborhood Facebook page. We wanted to provide a little more insight into Energy Ogre vs Power to Choose to help you decide what is right for you.

What is Power to Choose? is an online marketplace where retail electricity providers (REPs) can post their available offers. REPs advertise their current rates, listing the price per kWh at three discreet disclosure levels of 500, 1000, and 2000 kWh. They also provide plan information, such as the delivery charges and all associated fees, in a document called the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). Oftentimes, the details of the plan make how much you would be billed more complicated than the advertised rate. As the market becomes more competitive, shopping for electricity gets even more confusing and time-consuming for a lot of Texans. What a customer believes he or she is getting could be drastically different from reality.

How Power to Choose Works

You have the ability to shop plans available in your zip code. You can then narrow down your results by filters such as plan type, contract length, etc. While their comparison tool does give you some bullet points to consider, it doesn't show you how well a plan would work for the way you use electricity. Sometimes, the plan can be structured to seem competitive at the advertised price points, but the price per kWh in between those exact points can fluctuate significantly. Be sure to read every detail of the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) for any contract you are considering when shopping for electricity on your own.

What is Energy Ogre?

Energy Ogre exists to take care of all your energy needs. Instead of having to shop for electricity each time your contract expires, our proprietary systems manage all aspects of the contract process and consistently monitor the market to ensure you are always on the best plan for your home. We analyze your unique usage profile to select and enroll you in the correct plans, setting your account preferences with each new provider as well. We also handle all of the renewal activity for your account, so you never have to worry. Basically, we save you time and hassle while reducing your electricity costs as much as possible.

How Energy Ogre Works

Energy Ogre's systems interpret each rate offer in its entirety, taking into account all fees, delivery charges, and taxes, to discern the actual cost per kWh at any consumption level. (So no matter the usage, there are no surprises.) This allows us to predict within a reasonable amount of certainty exactly how much an electric bill with that rate would be in dollars and cents for a given month. We also have access to exclusive electricity plans, which are not advertised on Power to Choose. Often with below-market rates! Learn more here. Ultimately, we are able to provide an accurate assessment of the lowest available plan that will best match how you use electricity. Ready to let us take the wheel? Check to see if you are overpaying for electricity by using our free Savings Calculator. If you can't wait one second longer to become an ogre, you can sign up here right now!

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