Put Your Home's Electricity on Ogre-Pilot

In this post, we define what "ogre-pilot" means, and we outline the major benefits of being an EnergyOgre member. 

In this post:

Life gets busy, but we can help

What do we do, exactly?

No, you shouldn't shop for your own plan

Why you should consider signing up

Life's Busy, Let Us Help

Chances are you use cruise control in your vehicle, you have your AC system set to a weekly schedule, and you may also have an automatic sprinkler system in your yard. We get it... life's too busy, and it's helpful to have one less thing to worry about. 

In fact, we were founded for the sole reason of giving Texans one less thing to worry about -- namely, overpaying for electricity, and wasting time and effort during the shopping process.

We work tirelessly for our fellow Texans, helping them save time and money by shopping the market for the best-priced electricity plan. Excuse the pun, but we like to call this putting your home on "ogre-pilot."

In five short years, we've impacted the Texas electricity market by more than $100 million. How so? I'm glad you asked.

We've served more than 165,000 homes since our founding. The average Energy Ogre member saves around $600-$800 in their first year. Therefore, you can calculate that we've helped our members save more than $115,000,000 over the years.


How Do We Do It?

Energy Ogre is the first and only company in Texas to work on the member's behalf to find and enroll them in the best plan available. We have a fiduciary relationship with our members, and we take that responsibility very seriously.
The concept of what we do is simple -- hire experts to make data-driven decisions that will save our members as much money as possible. Did we forget to mention we save most folks up to 40% off their electricity bill?
Yep, that's the best part -- well, in addition to the time and effort you save as well! Consider this: When you have leaky pipes in your home, who do you call? A plumber. When your car breaks down, where do you go? An auto repair shop.
The idea of hiring a professional who has the expertise to save time, money, and a whole lot of headache is not a new concept. Actually, it's a concept we apply to our everyday life.
Does the circumstance change when it comes to hiring an expert to choose the best electricity provider plan based on how you use energy? We say no.

But Can't I Shop for My Own Plan and Find a Good One?

Continuing from the point immediately above... Sure, you can shop for your own plan -- but why would you want to knowing it'll be painstakingly tedious and time-consuming?
I've found that homeowners who actually shop the market for a good plan typically never find the plan we'd pick for them. For just $10 per month, let us do the work for you -- and you'll never overpay for electricity again.
Besides, Energy Ogre members have access to exclusive, below-market rates that outside consumers cannot find. Once you ultimately realize you don't have to shop for electricity in this confusing market by yourself, you'll soon understand hiring a resource can be a financially wise decision.

"Too Good to Be True" Doesn't Apply Here

We firmly believe that a deregulated electricity market is a great deal for Texans. And with our help, you can finally reap the benefits of competitively priced plans.

I'll leave you with a couple of things to consider:

  1. Energy Ogre has a money-back, satisfaction guarantee and our service has no contract! Give us a try, and if you aren't satisfied with the service or our processes, then we'll do everything we can to help, including a refund.
  2. Speaking of guarantees, we will always find you the lowest plan with the best rate each time. Before your first plan nears expiration, we begin shopping the market again to secure the best deal.
  3. Once your first plan ends, we'll enroll you in the best plan currently available. This means you'll never have to worry about renewing your plan, and this will keep you saving hundreds of dollars each year. 
  4. If you want to see how much time and money we could save you, please visit our free Savings Calculator with a recent bill in hand. We'll tell you immediately how much you will save, and we'll be transparent about how your current rate compares to the personalized plan we found for you. Here's a video explaining how to use our calculator.