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We have managed electricity for more than 250,000 Texans since 2014. Thousands of our members have saved more than 40% on electricity with us. Here are some Energy Ogre reviews that demonstrate the great customer service we offer our members.

Is Energy Ogre
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Here are a few Energy Ogre testimonials from some of our valued members! These Texans saved BIG and have enjoyed the convenience of our service. With Energy Ogre’s help, these members can trust they will remain in the best plan year after year!

How Julie & Stephen Joined Energy Ogre

Member Saves 60% on Electricity

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Busy Parents Save Big with Energy Ogre

Jeannie Collins

Moving to a new state can be stressful, but Wade at Energy Ogre was helpful and kind. He was very clear and direct, he answered all my questions and made one less thing for me not to have to worry about. Thank you Wade you’re Awesome!


Member Care Agent

Ronald Cox

I was so thankful when one of my neighbors recommended Energy Ogre, a phenomenal company that took care of all my electricity needs by analyzing my consumption and finding the best contract with an appropriate company to lower my overall electric bill. My only regret is that I didn't find Energy Ogre sooner; they provide awesome customer service.

David Morgan

The Ogre service and people are the best! I've been using their service for more than 7 years and every interaction has been positive. Today's Ogre helper was Oscar and he was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable! I have, and will continue to recommend their service to anyone looking for the best rates and outstanding customer service.

Brett Garrett

Great customer service and always fast to respond. We've used them for many years and they always find us a very competitive rate plan for both our home and shop. Thank you Energy Ogre! Keep up the good work.

Jhoellys Maldonado

I would like to share that Giselle was by far the nicest representative I spoke to. She answered all my questions with ease and I was able to solve my issue quickly. Thank you so much Giselle.


Member Care Agent

Anthony Baragas

Energy Ogre is worth every penny! I have been using their services for 4 years or so, and I have had nothing but positive experiences with them! Moving in/out, negotiating rates, renewing contracts, helping resolve issues caused by the electric companies, you name it! Great service, prompt responses and piece of mind.

N Chapin

Mikki the Ogre is outstanding!! Energy Ogre beat power to choose and has saved us money and the hassle of shopping rates. Highly recommend.


Member Care Agent

Lisa Benston

My friend introduced me to Energy Ogre and they have been outstanding. I have yet to hear anyone tell me otherwise that’s worked with them. My only regret (and it’s my fault, not theirs) is that my last contract expired right when energy prices spiked. No fault of the company and they have been GREAT at trying to find the best solutions.

Melisa Rushing

I just received what will be my new electricity plan email from Energy Ogre. I accepted the terms because it will save me over $1400 this next year! I couldn’t find anything close to this when I checked Power to Choose! Thank you Energy Ogres!!!

Leslie Bormaster

Energy Ogre has changed our lives! They have helped to keep our electric bills at a minimum even when the market is out of control. They have nothing to do with the market prices; they help us customers get through these difficult times. They are easy to work with and awesome at communicating when it’s time to change to a cheaper rate! Thumbs up to Energy Ogre!!

Rex Baxter III

We have been with EO since 2017. Their service is invaluable even in times of unprecedented energy costs.

Kellie L. Stafford

Energy Ogre was recommended by our realtor. So far I am very impressed with the service I have received. It is confusing and very time consuming to compare all the options we have out there. They took all that work away from me. I highly recommend Energy Ogre.

Amber Cruse-Dugas

Energy Ogre does the negotiating for you, no worrying about who has the best deal, they have it for you. By far the best $10 I’ve spent. I’ve been screwed by other energy providers in the middle of the summer with inflated prices so I will never use anyone else besides Energy Ogre

John Rowe

Arianne is outstanding…very knowledgeable, very concise, very patient with my questions and most importantly…very personable. Energy Ogre should clone her!!


Member Care Agent

Deborah O'Brian

I have been using EO for a couple of years now and they have been exceptional at servicing my account, including handling a rate dispute after a renewal. The monthly cost savings I have seen continually more than pays the nominal monthly fee EO charges for the service. I would and do recommend it to everyone in their service area!

Jessica Frankfurt Macdonald

The entire customer support team at Energy Ogre has been nothing but helpful and kind every time I talk with them. Can’t recommend this company enough!

Carole Watters

Wade took care of my concern by listening, repeating my request, communicating what he would do AS I WAITED. The problem was resolved, resulting in no hitch to transfer power providers.


Member Care Agent

Brian Fisher

Three years with E.O. and loving the savings. They always have our back. We've saved so much money - about half what we were paying TXU for over 40 years. They always answer my emails and calls promptly and keep me informed. Changing providers is simple and easy with Energy Ogre.

Paula Miller

I had the pleasure of working with Hugo concerning my move from Texas to Oklahoma next month. His professionalism and kind demeanor was so appreciated and working with him to settle the cancellation of service was excellent!


Member Care Agent

Jim Flowers

Have been with Energy Ogre six years. Always great customer service and found me great rates. Will stay with the Ogre.

Sam Hardgrove

The Ogre is the best thing since sliced bread. We've been using it for 4-5 years and lowered our average bill by almost 40%. Best $10.00 per month you can spend!

Bill Maize

I just experienced a rarely demonstrated service, where a company acts in the customers interest over their own. In seeking a new electric contract I hired Energy Ogre to find me the best deal. After working on the phone with me for some time, The rep (Andrew) advised me that the renewal offer I received was likely better than anything they could find me, even though it would require I cancel their service. Wow! I'm sold on their Intent and will be back in the winter, when the market calms down. Thank you.

Alexander Alali

I don't write many reviews. This company has been the best investment for my home. My energy bills have consistently been 20-40% cheaper than before working with Energy Ogre. Everything works so smoothly when it comes to changing energy companies. It happens all in the background and never once had an issue. Just fantastic.

Abby Munoz

I moved to Texas a few months ago and was overwhelmed by the number of energy providers here. Energy Ogre was super helpful in explaining how the market works and how they always look for the best rates for their members. I signed up with them on the spot and haven't looked back since then. I feel taken care of by Energy Ogre, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Sharon Mahany

Energy Ogre is the best thing I've found since sliced bread! I can't believe all the money they save for me. I literally don't have to do a thing. They find the best contracts, get you enrolled, transition service to the new provider, even set up your autopay if that's how you'd like to pay. It's completely seamless! My monthly bills are now less than half of what I was paying. No, I don't work for them. I'm retired and on a fixed income.

Preston Powell

I was referred by a neighbor and was a little skeptical when she told me how much she’d been saving, but that changed after my first bill. I went from paying $300 a month to $85, LESS than 1/3 of what I was paying with my previous company for years! Don’t fall for a company that offers you freebies, the free nights and weekends were not worth it. I’m so glad I let Energy Ogre do the heavy lifting, will definitely recommend to everyone!

Dana Pierson

We have been with Energy Ogre for approximately 7 years. We have been pleased with them on all levels, especially the savings we have received. Our electric bill has been reduced by 30% or more and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve shared our experience with Energy Ogre and passed their information along to friends, neighbors, and our employees. We’ve received many thanks for the savings they are experiencing. Once we set up service with EO, we have not had to do a thing. They make sure we are with the best possible provider and make any necessary changes on our behalf. Certainly worth the small fee they charge. Thank you EO team!

Steven Hill

Honestly, we had TXU for 10 years and the rates kept climbing and nothing was ever as it seemed with fees etc. We switched to Energy Ogre about a year ago and we went from paying $400 plus a month with TXU in the heat of the summer and the coldest parts of winter to now, we haven't received a single bill over $200. Thanks Energy Ogre, customer service is excellent and you truly deliver what you promise.

Cathy B

I have been using Energy Ogre (EO) for the past 9 months - I am extremely happy! I'm going into my third contract with an energy provider and EO has handled it all for me. EO has saved me hundreds of dollars per month. My husband and I were terrible about keeping up with our contract and trying to find better rates. Nine months ago I was doing research to find a better deal/rate and I came across EO. They have been a money saver and time saver. For $10 a month, they handle it all, all I do is pay the bill.

Sam Hardgrove

The Ogre is the best thing since sliced bread. We've been using it for 4-5 years and lowered our average bill by almost 40%. Best $10.00 per month you can spend!


We’ve been using Energy Ogre since 2017, and our savings have been tremendous! I had wasted so many hours on Power to Choose trying to compare apples to oranges...ugh. Allowing EO to find us a good plan is so worth it! We saved over $1,700 the first year with the plans they found us, and our bills are still much lower than they would have been otherwise. Customer service is amazing! Always a fast response, whether to an email or a Facebook message, or on the phone. We recommend them to everyone!

Rachel Hornsby

We have used Energy Ogre for at least 6 years, maybe longer. We have never had issues and we have always paid less than most or our friends that do not use them. They handle all the hassle of keeping up with contracts and finding the best rate. Anytime we have had questions, we send a portal request or chat and they are always quick to help! Thanks Energy Ogre for the many years of savings!

MIchael Seiss

4 + years as a customer and holding! I have had such great service with Energy Ogre. Before using E.O. I would nearly ALWAYS miss my contract renewals and get hit with a monster bill. The energy providers love it when you miss your contract renewal because they hit you with the highest price per Kwh they can by law. They're like sharks!. Anyway, it's the best money I have ever spent. My monthly bills are lower than I would have ever accomplished on my own and I roll from one contract to another without thought; seamless. I save money with E.O. I have referred friends and they love it too. GREAT JOB E.O.!!

Melissa Rude

Went with Energy Ogre because it just made sense. Could I have found a plan on my own? Yep. Did I want to find one and keep up with it? Nope. Glad my family recommended them to me.


I've now had this service for probably around 3 years. They've been excellent and I've found the prices they've locked me into consistently good for almost 0 effort on my part. The fact that I have to do almost nothing on my part for the service to work seamlessly is worth the price itself so I don't have to deal with the sheer aggravation of hunting for deals after trial periods expire etc. They occasionally ask you to make a few changes in their portal regarding accounts or billing when changing a service, but it's always simple and they've communicated those instructions to me very clearly over e-mail (With repeated reminders.) As long as you're following instructions this is an incredibly small price to pay to avoid otherwise far larger headaches that come with trying to manage everything yourself. Overall I'd highly recommend this service and I definitely couldn't imagine not using Energy Ogre as a Texan. Good job team Ogre!

Is Energy Ogre Worth it?

Here are a few Energy Ogre testimonials from some of our valued members! These Texans saved BIG and have enjoyed the convenience of our service. With Energy Ogre’s help, these members can trust they will remain in the best plan year after year!

How Julie & Stephen Joined Energy Ogre

Member Saves 60% on Electricity

headshot of Energy Ogre member Sharla Gullahorn

Busy Parents Save Big with Energy Ogre