How Julie & Stephen Joined Energy Ogre

One night at dinner with many of their friends, Julie and Stephen Roper overheard talk of company capable of cutting electricity bills in half. Most of the group had signed up for this company called "Energy Ogre," and they were thrilled by the convenience and savings they experienced. Who knew electricity could be cheaper and easier to manage?

Gradually, the Ropers noticed their bills started to increase over the years. During one hot summer month, they received a very high power bill and decided it was time for a change.They then compared their electricity plan on Energy Ogre's free Energy Savings Calculator. After seeing how much they could save by letting Energy Ogre manage their electricity, they knew it was time to sign up.

How Energy Ogre Works

The Benefits of Joining Energy Ogre

Stephen was quick to point out that they started saving $220 to $250 a month on their electricity bill since joining Energy Ogre.

And not only was the couple keeping money in their pockets, Julie especially appreciated the transparency.

“I really like the service,” Julie said. “First of all, it’s easy. They (Energy Ogre) contact me every time we change providers. It’s a peace of mind knowing I’m getting the best rates.”

Getting the Right Texas Electricity Deal

Being with Energy Ogre eliminates all the stress of finding and maintaining an electricity contract in Texas. Energy Ogre finds you a cost-effective rate, we monitor your energy usage, and we keep an eye on the market while you’re in contract. 

Our customer service team is also available Monday through Friday to answer your questions or address your concerns.

Interested in seeing how much Energy Ogre could help you save? Head on over to our Energy Savings Calculator by clicking the button below!

Energy Savings Calculator

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