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“I'm a mom, so, I’m up at 6 a.m. I get my kids ready for school, head to work, and by 7:55 I’m logged in and available to take calls.” 

Energy Ogre Spotlight: Tyshika Randle

It’s a routine Energy Ogre’s Tyshika Randle takes to get things moving and grooving everyday. Working in the member care department, Ty is dedicated to making things easier for Energy Ogre members.

“The purpose of Energy Ogre is to assist our members with their electricity bills, taking away the hassle of shopping for rates and plans on the energy market, as well as assisting with their concerns when it comes to energy related issues”, Randle said.

That’s what Energy Ogre’s goal has always been - helping Texans.

In 2013, a group of industry leaders decided Texans needed an ally to brave the overpriced, complicated electricity market. At that time, Texans living in deregulated areas bought electricity in one of two ways.

  • They spent hours slumped in front of their computer, sifting through misleading energy plans, in hopes of finding an affordable rate.
  • They mindlessly renewed their contract with an existing provider, often agreeing to a long, noncompetitive term and exorbitant rate.

Thankfully for consumers, a short, stubby ogre named Max was born toward the end of 2014 to lead the Energy Ogre revolution. The revolution was designed to prevent consumers from needlessly overpaying for electricity.

To break it down, Energy Ogre:

  • Analyzes hundreds of electricity plans currently offered
  • Secures custom plans with below-market rates for members
  • Enrolls you in the best plan for your needs
  • Manages the transfer or disconnection of your service if you move
  • Provides an interactive Energy Ogre account page
  • Helps you manage your consumption and budget
  • Stays on the lookout for better deals

From day one, our purpose has been to help people. While we love our technology, it's our ogres that really make the magic happen. Ty is just one member of our team of hard-working, friendly ogres who are extremely passionate about protecting, advocating, and working for the benefit of our members. 

“Being able to assist the member and resolving the call, for me, it’s about listening, being patient, addressing their concerns, and making sure they feel confident in the service that we’re providing at Energy Ogre."

Need to make a change to your account? Have a question about your bill? Instead of calling your provider, call us and we can take care of it for you! Also, Energy Ogre customer service agents are always encouraged to go above and beyond their duties whenever the need arises. Our goal is to make your life easier.

Energy Ogre's Commitment to Service

Every single call and email received by Energy Ogre gets assigned to one of our customer service ogres. We take every member seriously and do know wait times can be difficult. Most of the problems our customer service team are tasked with solving require multiple courses of action. This can vary between:

  • Checking the members Energy Ogre account
  • Checking the member’s retail electricity provider (REP) account
  • Having our team make calls and emails to retail electricity providers for our members

We try to solve each problem with as little action from the member as possible. Multiple times a day, each one of our customer service ogres waits on hold with providers to follow up on complicated issues while also sending and responding to emails from our members and retail electricity providers. 

If a member calls in and ever has to wait longer than 5 minutes to get their call answered, we give them an option to schedule a callback. This means that our phone system will mark their point in the call line and have an ogre call them back as soon as possible before taking any inbound calls that came in after that person. 

For a low monthly fee that's far less than the money you'll be saving, you always know that you're getting a straightforward electricity plan at a fair price. We back our service with a satisfaction guarantee and would love to help you take electricity shopping off of your plate.

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How Energy Ogre Works

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