TDU Delivery Charges: Current Rates & Recent Changes

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Why are my Electricity Delivery Charges Increasing?

  • Starting September 1st, all Texas distribution utilities (also known as TDUs or TDSPs) are increasing their delivery charges. These charges are separate from the rate you pay for your electricity, and changes to these charges are unavoidable.
  • TDU delivery charges usually change twice a year; in September, electricity delivery charges usually increase, while March generally sees decreases in TDSP delivery rates. However, increases and decreases have been happening more frequently than usual recently.
  • TDU delivery rate increases are always approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) , and cannot be manipulated by the REPs.

What are Delivery Charges on my Texas Electricity Bill?

Electricity delivery charges are used to service and maintain your area’s electricity infrastructure. These charges pay for repairs to the poles and wires that deliver electricity from the TDU to your house.

To learn more about electricity delivery charges in Texas, and to find out what TDU company services your address, check out our article on What Are Electricity Delivery Charges?

Why are my Electricity Delivery Charges Changing?

Delivery charges change to account for seasonal differences in maintenance needs. In the winter, there is a higher risk of damage to electricity infrastructure, so delivery charges go up, while during the summer, they go down.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) approves every change in electricity delivery rates for each of the five TDSP companies, and your Retail Electric Provider (REP) is not allowed to collect any more money from you beyond what is approved by the Government of Texas.

Current Texas Electricity Delivery Charges

There are two components to delivery charges: a fixed monthly charge, and a variable rate charge that is assessed per kWh. REPs can either combine or separate the two fees on customer bills. From season to season, both the fixed and variable charges may increase or decrease.

Recent Electricity Delivery Charge Rate Changes in Texas

Delivery Charges as of 9/1/21

TDSPFixed Charge (Per Month)Variable Charge (Per kWh)

Delivery Charges as of 10/16/21

TDSPFixed Charge (Per Month)Variable Charge (Per kWh)

Delivery Charges as of 3/1/22

TDSPFixed Charge (Per Month)Variable Charge (Per kWh)

Delivery Charges as of 6/6/22

TDSPFixed Charge (Per Month)Variable Charge (Per kWh)

Delivery Charges as of 9/1/22

TDSPFixed Charge (Per Month)
Variable Charge (Per kWh)

There is nothing consumers can do to lower their delivery charges. They are a necessary expense to ensure our electricity system operates correctly.

All Things Considered, Don’t Stress Over Increases

At the end of the day, a higher delivery charge may increase your effective rate a bit. And sure, no one wants to pay too much for anything, especially electricity. 

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