Who Do I Call for a Power Outage in Texas?

Who do I call for a power outage? When the electricity goes out, you want help, and you want it immediately. Texas is famous for its extreme temperatures. 

When there is a power outage in the summer, dangerous heat can cause serious issues. If the electricity goes out in the winter, the frosty chill outside is just as threatening. Refrigerators are needed for medications. Medical equipment needs power outlets. The lack of proper lighting can be problematic for the disabled and elderly. We need power.

First, make sure that the electricity in your area is actually out. If your neighbors aren't experiencing a power outage, you may have forgotten to pay your bill. Use these outage tracker links below for all deregulated utilities in Texas. You can also report your outage to the numbers below.

Who Do I Call for a Power Outage in Texas?

When Energy Ogre switches your electric providers, all that changes is a financial responsibility for billing. The utility (also known as a Transmission/Distribution Service Provider or TDSP) that generates and delivers electricity to your home sends a bill for what you use to your new electric provider, and they turn around and bill you for it based on the terms of the contract you signed with them.

The electricity generated and delivered to your home does not change. For example, ONCOR delivers the Dallas area electricity. So, ONCOR will handle all requests for a power outage, even if you call your provider. This is because they own and service the lines and the equipment.

Utility (TDSP)Report OutageWebsite
CenterPoint Energy1-800-332-7143Outage Tracker
ONCOR Electric Delivery Company1-888-313-4747Outage Tracker
Texas-New Mexico Power1-888-866-7456Outage Tracker
AEP Texas1-877-373-4858Outage Tracker
Lubbock Power & Light1-806-775-2509Outage Tracker

When there are power outages, you'll want this information handy. Consider writing the phone number for your delivery company down and placing it in an easily accessible place or programming it into your cell phone. You can also bookmark the link to their Outage Tracker in your favorite internet browser. Be prepared!