CenterPoint Customers Could Be Overpaying for Electricity

CenterPoint customers - this one is for you! Could you be overpaying for electricity?

If you live in southeast Texas, chances are, you're paying too much. It's a common misconception that the quality of your electricity service depends on the electricity provider you are with. However, your electricity service is managed by your local TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Service Provider) that owns the poles and wires. Such as CenterPoint in most of the Houston area.

You save when you can - but not with electricity??

You hunt down the best prices at the gas stations before filling up your car. You'll compare deals at the grocery store before tossing items in your buggy. And you might even use apps that help you save money when you shop your favorite stores. So why wouldn't you pay the lowest price for electricity, if there was a better option out there?

According to some public CenterPoint customer polls, customers in Houston and surrounding areas don't seem to be too interested in saving money on their energy bills. Or perhaps they just don't know that they have options! The results of the survey were pretty surprising, considering most of this region is deregulated.

  • *Only 16% switched energy providers in 2018 while over 500,000 customers have been with the same provider for 5+ years.

    Switching energy providers is important, and not that hard when you have Energy Ogre on your side. Our technology hunts down the best choice for your specific household. Read more about exactly how our service works HERE. But WHY should you switch?

    Loyalty is definitely not rewarded in this industry, and the longer you stay with the same provider, the higher your bill can climb. Retail electricity providers (REPs) save their most competitive rates for new customers. Switching from one provider to the next each time your contract expires ensures you are able to take advantage of those new customer offers every single time.

  • *71% of CenterPoint customers are in contracts over 1 year long 

    Locking yourself into a long-term contract might seem like the easiest option. Centerpoint customers seem to like to "set it, and forget it!" Although a long-term contract might first appear to be a cozy, comfy, safe choice, there are some major downsides.

    Long-term plans allow you to lock in a certain rate for several years. However, you'll be missing out on the cheaper options from other companies as the market changes. This could potentially leave a lot of your hard-earned dollars on the table. Many simply stay with the same retail electricity provider because they don't mind paying more if they don't have to mess with it as often. But with Energy Ogre, we do all the hard work and you get to enjoy those savings!

  • *33% of households have NEVER switched providers

    Phew! 33%? That's a lot of homes that lock into contracts with the same provider, over and over again. We know the task of shopping for electricity can seem daunting. One of Energy Ogre's best features (besides these amazingly asymmetric eyes) is that we do all the work for you. We take out the hassle and guesswork by scouring the market to find the best plan based on how you use electricity, and we handle the entire enrollment process, contract after contract. We also analyze the potential benefit of new plans as they come into the marketplace compared to your current plan.

    If it makes sense for you to switch, we'll let you know. And we keep doing this for you as long as you're our member. Energy Ogre is the only customer service you'll need. We handle any and all issues that may occur with your provider or your account. So, although sticking with one company seems easier, you're passing up the opportunity to save your family tons of money every year. Plus, you're making an ogre cry. We don't know which is worse.

  • *$500 average yearly savings when you switch providers

    Boom. Could you use an extra $500 or so every year? Duh, who wouldn't want that? We're talking to you, CenterPoint customers! That's a new pair of Jimmy Choo heels every year. It's enough to buy your teenager their first embarrassing car. Or, you could use that to buy 500 lottery tickets to really push your luck. Some families might use that extra money for the holidays, payments on medical bills or student loans, or put it in the vacation fund for the annual family trip.

    No matter who you are, or what you'll do with those savings, every family can use the extra money. And when you let Energy Ogre do all the work, you're saving extra time, too. That's a win-win situation right there, folks! Switching from provider to provider each contract doesn't just save you money, it saves you peace of mind, too.

    We get it - your electricity bill is something you just pay every month and don't really think about it. You also don't have the time to constantly be watching the electricity game, and figuring out the best deal for your household. That's ok because that's all we do here at Energy Ogre! We're here to save you time, save you money, and save you from becoming one of these statistics. Whether you live in the Houston metroplex or a tiny deregulated town in the panhandle, Energy Ogre is here for you. Visit our free Savings Calculator today to ensure you aren't overpaying!