How to Get the Best Electricity Rates In Texas

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  • Energy Ogre: Your Ideal Electricity Solution
  • Time is Money, and We Can Save You Both
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How to Get the Best Electricity Rate In Texas 

If you live in the deregulated area of Texas, then at some point, you have probably wondered, "How can I find the cheapest electricity rate?" and "Why is my electric bill so high?"

Typically, most Texans either struggle to find a suitable, affordable electricity rate or remain with one provider that may significantly overcharge each month.

This means many Texans either spend too much money on electricity by renewing each year, or they spend too much time and effort shopping for each rate while still paying more than they should.

Consequently, since they can't access the best electricity rate in their area, most Texans overpay for electricity. As we mentioned earlier, this not only costs consumers money but also time--both of which are very valuable and finite resources. 

We consider overspending on electricity and wasting valuable time as a problem. More specifically, it's a problem most people don't realize they have. 

However, what if there was a solution that could save them time and money while alleviating the hassle of shopping? 

Energy Ogre: The One Solution Among Thousands of Options  

Luckily, there is a solution, and that solution is Energy Ogre. We provide comprehensive electricity management services that ultimately make your life simpler, easier, and more affordable.

To do so, we handle the selection of your electricity provider, choose and enroll you in the correct rate, and we even handle the renewal activity for your account. These benefits are designed to allow us to select the most appropriate and best overall rate for your home.

Each month, thousands of people visit our site to run our innovative Savings Calculator. Often, this tool helps people realize their energy savings potential (both time and money), prompting them to join Team Ogre.

This tool is part of Energy Ogre's ongoing effort to ensure all Texans in deregulated electricity markets are getting a fair deal at a fair price.

If you give us two minutes of your time, just 120 teeny, tiny seconds, you too can find out if you are overpaying monthly for electricity. Two minutes is enough time to run your own personalized calculation based on the information you give us. 

Time is Money, and We Can Help You Save Both 

We understand those two minutes could be spent making your bed, microwaving a Hot Pocket, or even trimming your toenails. But, wouldn't it be great if those two minutes could save you a bunch on your home's electricity? Go ahead, put down those toenail clippers (slowly). 

You've probably heard/watched the news stories or read some of our reviews. Energy Ogre lowers our members' monthly electricity bills by an average of 40%. Typically, this results in hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars in savings.

However, we understand there are still some people out there who are a little skeptical about our program. Hey, we get it; you've been burned and don't want it to happen again.

That's why we decided to become YOUR advocate. Contrary to popular belief, ogres actually LOVE being helpful (in addition to living in swamps and making produce-related metaphors).

Time is Ticking, Let's Get to It  

Ok, now use your remaining minute and a half to determine how much you could save in the near future by reducing your electricity bill. The calculator determines what you are currently paying; then, it compares it to the thousands of electricity rates currently available in your area.

Finally, there's no commitment. If you are not satisfied with the results, then hey, thanks for trying!

How Does the Savings Calculator Work?

  • Grab the most recent copy of your bill
  • Enter your ZIP code
  • Enter when your bill was duethe amount you paid, how much electricity you used (note: if you are on average billing, use the amount you would have paid if you weren't in the average billing program)
  • Enter your current retail electricity provider
  • Select if your home is heated by gas or electricity
  • Enter your name and email
  • Click the calculate savings button
  • Prepare to have your mind blown

Here's where the magic (I mean math) happens.

You'll be able to see the rate you are currently paying compared to how much you could save with current market rates. This is calculated by predicting how much energy you are expected to use over the next 12 months based on the month of usage you entered.

The rest of the months are calculated from how your usage compares to the average energy consumer. Additionally, the chart will show you 10 available plans and how much you would save with each one.  

You will also see a graph of how much your electricity bill would be if you were in one of these plans.

Click the button below to head over to the Savings Calculator page!

Savings Calculator

When selecting a plan for you, we look for the one that keeps your bill as low as possible throughout the term of the contract. Lastly, it's important to note that some Texans are already in a good rate.

Hey, snaps to them. So if our calculator recognizes we can't save you or your neighbor money, we will tell you AND give you a virtual air five for picking a great plan!

Don't forget: If you have questions about the Savings Calculator or the benefits of our service, you can call us at (832) 975-1000 on weekdays between the hours of 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

If you need help outside of those hours, please email us at, and one of our representatives will reach out as soon as we're back in the office!

Interested in signing up? Press the button below!

Sign Up

Still, Confused? Maybe a Video Will Help 

If you're anything like me, you'd probably rather watch a video that explains the process step-by-step. So, here comes Michael, one of our specialists who loves helping people, the Mavs, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

Watch as he demonstrates how easy and informative our Savings Calculator can be for aspiring ogres. If his adorable face doesn't convince you to join the ogre family, I don't know what will!


Before you go, we have one last quote for you. 

"Nobody has a favorite bill. I'd like to change that." 

— Max, the Energy Ogre 

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