In a Contract? Energy Ogre Can Still Help!

Can I Use Energy Ogre if I'm in a Contract?

Absolutely! If you are in a contract with your provider, consumer protection laws ensure you have the option to cancel at any time. You just have to pay the required early termination fee (ETF).

Almost every contract in Texas requires an ETF, but many of them can actually be quite small. Energy companies use the idea of a "contract" to keep you paying, but the contract's only binding until you pay the cancellation fee.

After you sign up with us, we verify your contract details from the bill you provide. We request your usage and run an analysis, forecasting how much electricity you will use and comparing it to all of the available offers.

Once we narrow down the best option, we send you the analysis to determine if the savings justify paying the ETF. If so, we make the switch.

If the savings are not enough, you can "snooze" your account until your contract expires. Snoozed members aren't charged any fees while they sleep.

If your contract is ending within 45 days, we schedule the switch so you won't have to pay the ETF.

Still have some significant time left on your current contract? Give us the details and we'll contact you when it's time for you to switch!

Contract Expiration Reminder

Does Energy Ogre Pay the ETF?

Energy Ogre does not pay cancellation fees. We do the math to help you decide if it makes financial sense for you to switch providers at this time. The decision of whether or not to switch, as well as paying the fee, will be up to you.

Will I have to tell my current provider that I'm leaving?

No, you do not need to inform your current provider. Once you become a member, we take care of starting your new service, which automatically cancels service with your current provider.

We ensure the switch goes smoothly, and then we actively manage your account on an ongoing basis.

Will I be in a contract with the new electricity provider?

Yes, we enroll our members in stable electricity plans with the lowest available rates, which require a contract. We consider all plans ranging from 3 to 12 months. The duration of the contract we select depends on multiple factors like:

  • Current rates being offered at each contract term length

  • Expected rates available at the end of the contract term

  • Your usage patterns and response to weather changes

  • Predicted weather forecasts and your location details

  • Other critical market factors

Will I have to pay any deposits to begin services with a new provider?

When retail electric providers process an enrollment, they run a soft utility credit check to validate your identity and determine your creditworthiness. If they cannot determine utility payment history or good credit standing, they may require a deposit to begin services.

Please note, the soft credit checks that providers run do not have an adverse effect on your credit score.

If a provider requests a deposit, Energy Ogre will contact you to discuss your available options and how to proceed. You should disregard any deposit communications from a provider and allow us to handle those on your behalf.

Also, see: Electricity Deposits: 5 Things Texans Should Know

Am I in a contract with Energy Ogre?

You are not in contract with Energy Ogre, but you will be enrolled in a contract with your retail electricity provider.

You may cancel your service with us at any time by calling (832) 975-1000 or emailing us.

However, canceling service with the provider will be subject to the terms and conditions of your contract, which will likely include an ETF.

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