Wade Erickson, Energy Ogre Member, Saves 60% on Electricity

Would you offer to pay more at the pump for gas? I certainly hope you wouldn't. But, that's what many Texans do by sticking with the same electricity provider year after year. 

And with slimmer-than-ever margins between electricity supply and demand, prices continue to rise. But many Texans say they're sitting pretty thanks to enrolling with Energy Ogre. FOX 4 Anchor Steve Noviello spoke with Energy Ogre member Wade Erickson.

"I was always monitoring the thermostat and keeping it toward 77 degrees, which was quite hot." - Erickson

Erickson says that he did not use his thermostat to cool his home in fear of spiking his electric bill. At the time, Wade paid an average of about $350 per month on his electric bill. I never really paid much attention to my energy bill," he admitted. 

Like many Texans, Wade considered his rate to be the norm due to the summertime Dallas heat. Prior to using Energy Ogre, Wade was paying 15.5 cents/kWh for energy only. Today, he pays less than 6 cents/kWh.

"I was able to reduce our bills from $350 on average down to $200 for almost 60% savings." - Erickson

He now saves thousands of dollars and the time and hassle of searching for the most favorable plan.

Steve Noviello also visited with Energy Ogre CEO Jesson Bradshaw. Jesson says that one of the main reasons for Texans falling into higher rates is because they are easily distracted by heavily advertised gimmicks with hidden fees within the fine print. 

These plans usually advertise FREE ENERGY or offer a smart gadget and generally are some of the most expensive plans on the Texas market.

"There's a reason providers are advertising those plans, and that's because they are generally their highest margin plans." - Bradshaw

Instead, for $10 per month, Energy Ogre will stay on the lookout for better options while actively maintaining your account with your retail energy provider and because we are only paid by our members, our sole priority is you. The recent spike in electric demand could even lead to calls for conservation. 

CEO Jesson Bradshaw encourages Texans to do something now, rather than later. Energy Ogre members say when it comes to the cost of their energy bills they're not worried at all. Energy Ogre also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Check out our free Savings Calculator to see if you're overpaying!