Steve Noviello's Favorite Gifts 2016 - Energy Ogre

What do you give family and friends as gifts every year? You may offer some expensive knick-knacks for a collection. Or a brand spanking new tech gadget that's on a loved one's wish list. Gift cards and cash are always a hit, too. Likewise, you could take Steve Noviello's Favorite Gift suggestions!

Energy Ogre was featured on FOX 4 News in Dallas! Steve Noviello puts Energy Ogre at the top of his favorite gifts list! Promo code HOLIDAY gets you the 13th month free!

Steve Noviello's Favorite Gifts


When you can offer your loved ones the gift of savings, it goes a long way. The holidays are always tight on budgets. But with Energy Ogre, you can give someone peace of mind. Thanksgiving and Christmas take a huge hit on a family income. Therefore, the last thing they want to deal with is high electricity bills.

Why Energy Ogre?

At Energy Ogre, we can save you, your friends, and your family up to 40% off electricity bills. We can also guarantee the lowest rate for your usage. Stick that in your stocking! Think about elderly parents or family members. Also, consider your kids that have moved out on their own. Finally, help out a family that has been struggling financially. The possibilities are endless. EVERYONE needs savings, including you!

Don't forget that if you are an Energy Ogre member, you have a referral link. Just go to the Login and sign in. There, you'll find your referral link to give to family and friends. Offer that to co-workers and church groups or anyone that loves saving money! As a result, you'll be rewarded.

Energy Ogre saved Texans over $21.64 million in 2016 with their technology. Yes, you read that correctly. $21.64 million in one year! Certainly, that's a milestone for us here at Energy Ogre AND our customers. Even more, that's a lot of happy ogres in Texas, and that's just how we like it.