Pete and Paige: Busy Parents Save BIG with Energy Ogre

Back in 2018, Pete and his wife, Paige, were upset about how high their electricity bills were each month. Thanks to a conversation with a friend, they were introduced to Energy Ogre in 2018. In addition to the price of their high bills, Pete had grown tired of shopping to find the best energy plans on his own. So, the couple decided to take their friend's advice and give Energy Ogre a shot at managing their electricity—and they were so glad they did.

Although initially skeptical, Pete and Paige saw considerable savings on their very first bill after signing up with Energy Ogre.

“I’m cynical. I think things are kind of gimmicky,” Pete said. “Then we signed up for it (Energy Ogre) and we were immediately happy that our first bill was probably reduced 30 to 40%.”

Your Same Ol' Bill, But Much Cheaper

Working full time and having children, Pete and Paige didn’t have the free time to compare Texas electricity plans. So they turned to Energy Ogre to do the hard work for them!

“It was just nice to not have to sit around and try to compare all these plans and consume two, three hours of your time when you could be playing with the kids or doing something more productive,” Pete added.

How Energy Ogre Works

Finding the Best Texas Electricity Plans

Energy Ogre not only looks for the most cost-effective rate available, we also analyze your usage history to make sure the plan terms line up with your consumption habits. This results in the selection of a plan that is personalized to how much you use. Additionally, we often enroll our members in exclusive, below-market plans that aren't available to the general public.

That isn’t all that Energy Ogre does, either. Energy Ogre is your go-to customer service resource to handle anything and everything pertaining to your electricity company. We also monitor the market 24/7 for lower rates, ensuring you’re in the best possible plan at any time (after considering early termination fees).

Are you a busy parent or hardworking professional just like Pete and Paige? If so, give Energy Ogre a chance to manage your electricity. Now is the perfect time to see what the Ogre can do for you by checking our electricity cost savings calculator.

Hundreds of thousands of Texans began a new contract in last five months, and many of them are paying between 18-22 cents per kilowatt-hour. But thankfully, the market has begun to drastically lower as of late. Now is the perfect time to see what the Ogre can do for you by running our energy savings calculator.

We'll compare your current plan versus the best plans on today's market to see how much money you can save. If you can save money, we'll enroll you in the best plan. If you can't, then we'll be honest and tell you!

Energy Savings Calculator

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