Energy Ogre Review: Nickie Says "Energy Ogre Has Been a Homerun."

Meet Nickie! She and her wife Sharla noticed their bills were getting more out of hand with every passing month. They knew there had to be a better option for energy savings out there. Watch Nickie's Energy Ogre review below! You can also check out Sharla's here.

Looking for Recommendations

When moving into their home, Sharla and Nickie reached out to neighbors for electricity provider recommendations on Facebook. Most of their neighbors were with TXU. They also said there was only one other option to choose from which was more expensive. 

Little did the neighbors know that there were actually over a hundred electricity providers servicing their deregulated area. So, Nicki and Sharla signed up with TXU for a 3-year contract not realizing what it would end up costing them in the long run. Nickie said the overall member service experience was not bad. 

However, she felt like every time they got a bill in the mail it seemed to be more than they expected. That's when she decided she had to look at other opportunities. Before Energy Ogre, Nickie says she had no clue about how to shop for electricity. 

Sharla had some general knowledge and kept an eye on their contract date, but they are busy entrepreneurs. Nickie says, "If you're like me, you're busy, you're running around all the time and you don't necessarily have time to stop what you're doing in your busy life to look at other options."

Go Ogre!

What made her the happiest was when she opened the bill from her new provider once we switched her. She said she immediately saw the difference. She felt happy with herself for taking the time to actually stop and do something about her energy costs. 

Nickie challenges anyone considering Energy Ogre to just pick up the phone and give us a call! She thinks overall, using Energy Ogre has been a home run for her and her family.

Nickie's Energy Ogre Review

"To know that I'm a part of a movement that's literally changing people's lives because of their energy source and their finances, it makes me feel really good inside." - Nickie.

Never wonder "why is my electric bill so high?" again! Take the first step to becoming an Ogre, like Sharla and Nickie, by using our no-obligation Electricity Savings Calculator to see if you're overpaying.

Savings Calculator

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