Energy Ogre Review: Sharla Says "Get off the Fence!"

When was the last time you were excited about your summer electric bill? Meet Sharla! She and her wife Nickie noticed their bills seemed to be getting higher and higher with their old plan. They knew there had to be a better option. Watch Sharla's Energy Ogre review below! You can also watch Nickie's here.

There's a Better Option

When Sharla thinks of electricity providers, her first thought is how much money she's going to have to spend. She was told by neighbors when she first moved in that there were only 2 options to choose from. At the time, there were actually over a hundred electricity providers servicing her deregulated area. Unfortunately, like Sharla's neighbors, most Texans don't realize how many choices are available. 

Since she was only aware of two options, she decided to go with what she thought was the cheapest and signed up with TXU. She agreed to a 3 year contract with the promise of "the lowest rate" only to find out that their bills were still much higher than anticipated. Luckily, after her contract ended, she found Energy Ogre. 

Sharla first heard about us through Facebook. Shortly after, she found out that her sister was already enjoying our service and decided to try us out. Once we found Sharla's new plan, she realized she was now paying almost HALF of what she used to. Not only is she getting a better value for her money, but she really loves the customer service that Energy Ogre provides.

But How Does Energy Ogre Really Work?

Our team handles the selection of your electricity provider, enrolls you in the correct plan, and even handles the renewal activity for your account.

We use our technology and knowledge of the industry every single day to ensure our members only pay for what they need and nothing else.

Take the first step to becoming a member like Mike by checking out how much you can save!

Go, Ogre!

When asked what Sharla would say if someone was on the fence about joining our service, she said: "Get off the fence, and get with Energy Ogre!"By choosing Energy Ogre, she is confident that she will never overpay for electricity again. Sharla and Nickie have been our members since February of 2019 and are really looking forward to what summer has to bring. Can you say that about your summer electricity bills?

Take the first step to becoming an Ogre, like Sharla and Nickie, using our no-obligation Savings Calculator to see if you're overpaying by clicking below!

Savings Calculator

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