Why Pay Energy Ogre $10 a Month?

Why Pay Energy Ogre $10 a Month?

Why should I pay Energy Ogre $10 every month? This is probably one of our favorite questions to answer as Energy Ogre doesn't just enroll you in an electricity contract and call it a day! In addition, we offer numerous services and work every day to help our members throughout the year.

First and foremost, we should clarify that Energy Ogre's model is a yearly membership service. The membership can be paid $120 yearly or $10 monthly. No matter how you choose to pay, we hope our membership is one that you'll find valuable enough to continue for years to come.

Below are some of the many, many perks of being an Energy Ogre member and the various tools available that allow you to milk this ogre for all it's worth!

How Energy Ogre Works

Your Energy Ogre Membership Benefits

  • Our technology analyzes hundreds of electricity plans currently offered.

    Energy Ogre's bread and butter is our proprietary system of applied technologies. Combining our expertise and experience in the energy industry along with our unique analytical algorithms, we've created a state-of-the-art system.

    We're able to deliver a detailed analysis of the Texas electricity market to assess the most appropriate placement of our members in a plan. We find the one that is tailor-made to fit their unique usage profile. Of course, we take into consideration any and all fees including base charges, usage credits, and delivery charges.

    Our Energy Savings Calculator tool utilizes this system as well, helping you find the most competitive electricity rates and plans out there.

    Energy Savings Calculator

    As a matter of fact, you probably took advantage of that before becoming our member. It is a simple and effective way for any consumer to compare their rate against the current market.

  • We secure custom plans with below-market rates for members.

    Not only do we work with hundreds of providers, but we are also keen to work with those willing to give a bit of their margin back to our members. When looking for subsequent contracts, we're often able to secure custom plans with below-market rates.

    These plans are structured to increase value for both the consumer and the provider. This is especially important with the demand pressures on the market keeping rates higher.

  • We enroll you in the best plan for your needs.

    Our enrollment specialists handle the entire sign-up process by dealing directly with the provider including creating your online account. Once you're enrolled, your previous provider is notified, so you don't have to deal with the breakup. If the provider we select requires a deposit, we will notify you and work with you to identify available options.

  • We manage the transfer or disconnection of your service if you move.

    We coordinate the transition of your service to your new address or canceling electricity service at your old location. This helps us ensure that you avoid unnecessary charges.

  • We provide an interactive Energy Ogre account page.

    Need to update your payment method, phone number, or email address? You can do so directly on your Energy Ogre account page, and we will take care of updating your provider.

    Fortunately, our agents perform a lot of the overall customer interactions with providers. Equally important, they know the statutes and standards that electricity providers must follow, so we can hold them accountable on your behalf.

  • We help you manage your consumption and budget.

    We obtain your usage from multiple sources including your Transmission & Distribution Service Provider (TDSP). Our monthly Ogrecast assists our members in monitoring and managing their energy usage. Sent up to 5 days before your current billing cycle ends, the Ogrecast provides an estimate of your bill for the current billing period, as well as a usage forecast for the next month so you will always know what to expect.

    The forecasted energy usage is generated using an adaptive algorithm that factors in your historical usage patterns, your reaction to the weather, your location, and other parameters unique to your household. Accordingly, your forecast will be more accurate the longer you have been a member of Energy Ogre. As long as nothing in your home significantly changes, your bill should be VERY close to what we predict it to be.

    Your home's energy efficiency, and subsequently your usage, changes with all modifications. If you upgrade your A/C or install other energy-efficient appliances, switch to LED lights, build an addition to your house, and/or make any other home improvement modifications, we would love to know as it will make our forecasting more accurate for your home. If you are planning any major changes, please contact us.

  • We stay on the lookout for better deals.

    Furthermore, we continue to monitor the market, and if a better option becomes available after factoring in your early termination fees, we let you know. At times, we may even be able to use Energy Ogre's "blend and extend" strategy, bringing you instant savings without an early termination fee. This comes from restructuring a member's current deal by placing them in a new contract with a lower rate and longer duration from the provider. 

Gena is a North Texas mom who hated how high her electric bill was getting. Watch how she started saving money instantly when she switched to Energy Ogre in the video below.

Energy Ogre Customer Service

From now on, Energy Ogre is your customer service. We work for our members, NOT the providers. We are your advocates and we go to bat for our members like we would our own family. That's because now, you are a part of the Ogre family!

We never want to see anyone be without power or overcharged for electricity. We have and will continue to go above and beyond to make sure our members are taken care of. Energy Ogre is BIG on consumer education.

We'll answer any questions you may have. We'll walk you through the process if you're curious. And if you'd rather not think about electricity or learn about it or deal with it even a little bit? That's cool, too. Either way, we've got you covered.

Some of our long-time members choose Energy Ogre just because we do all the work for them!

  • Competitive electricity contract without the hassle of shopping around? DONE.
  • Set up your online account with the provider? CHECK.
  • Enroll your account in autopay so you never have to log in and make that payment? DOUBLE-CHECK!
  • Below-market pricing with every contract? YES, PLEASE!

The Energy Ogre Experience

It's a logical question to ask - why pay Energy Ogre? You pay for the freedom and convenience of knowing you'll never overpay for electricity again. Also, you get peace of mind from knowing that we have your back and your best interests at heart.

Above all, we work hard to anticipate our members' needs and are constantly creating new ways to improve the Energy Ogre experience. Moreover, we strive to make sure we're not only saving you money, but we're also saving you time and energy. That lets you focus on what's important.

Have more questions? Want to hear more about a specific topic? Just want to say hi? We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us! Until next time, stay cool, be kind, and do great things! That's the Ogre way :)

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