North Texas Mom Saves Nearly $3,500 on Electricity in One Year

With four children at home, Gena Glasco is always trying to find ways to save money. In the summer of 2023, she was shocked by how much she’d have to pay for an electricity bill.

"The electric bill this month was right at $900," she said in a story with FOX4 Dallas’ Steve Noviello. Gena had been with a well known retail electricity provider for a while, and the rate she was paying kept rising and rising. With the high heat, she was expecting the next month’s bill to be more than a thousand dollars. 

Finding Texas Electricity Savings

So, the north Texas mom set out to find a way to lower her electricity bills. Luckily for her, she found the free Energy Ogre Savings Calculator

“Oh wow,” she said upon seeing the results. “This would save us $3,478 per year, so almost $3,500 in the next year. With four kids, that’s a lot of money!”

Want to see if your electricity bill could be cut down as well? Grab your latest power bill and see how it stacks up with what’s currently available by running our free savings calculator.

Savings Calculator

Changing Electricity Plans Can Help

Like many folks, Gena was burned by a common misconception that staying with one provider for years and years is the way to go. Like many other businesses, electricity providers will attract new customers by offering lower introductory rates. No matter the time of year, Energy Ogre monitors all these intro offers. We’ve successfully built a business on taking advantage of those, switching our members to whichever plan is most financially beneficial to them.

How Energy Ogre Works

Shopping Electricity Rates in Texas

In Gena’s case, a cheaper rate was out there, but she just wasn’t aware at the time. When she decided to use Energy Ogre, her savings instantly offset our $10 a month subscription fee.

Now, the Glasco family can rest easy, knowing the stress of electricity plans is off their plates. Energy Ogre will be their advocate, finding the right electricity plan for them now and in the future. 

For just $10 a month, it pays to have an Ogre on your side. Sign up and let Energy Ogre take care of your electricity needs!

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