Sixto Ortiz Loves Saving Time with Energy Ogre

Whenever Sixto Ortiz sees someone on social media complaining about their electricity bill, he is quick to help them by posting about Energy Ogre.

“If I didn’t believe in the service, I wouldn’t talk about it, but they do a fantastic job,” Sixto said. “They are a company that will take away your worries when it comes to electricity.”

How Energy Ogre Works

Convenience of Energy Ogre 

Sixto was one of the first Texans to use Energy Ogre, joining our monthly subscription service back in 2015. Ever since, Energy Ogre has found the best power plan available for his home, set up accounts with a retail electricity provider on his behalf, and has continually taken care of his electricity needs. Sixto says having an advocate like this on his side is just plain convenient.

“Time is the one resource that you can't buy. I don't want to spend my time looking at electric company contracts. With Energy Ogre, I don't have to spend time monitoring my contract and making sure it is not going to change to a variable rate that might skyrocket during the summer months,” Sixto said. 

Saving on Electricity in the Summer

High summer electricity bills often remind folks to look into their electricity plans. The Ortiz family likes to keep it nice and cool in their home, which is another reason they stick with the Ogre.

“My wife and I don’t like the heat. Even in the dog days of summer, we like to keep it cool. The only  way that you can ensure you’re comfortable without breaking the bank is to make sure you’re not paying too much for your electricity. Energy Ogre enables us to do that,” Ortiz said.

Sixto is spot on. One of the quickest ways to lower your summer electricity bill is to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to for basic power. That way, you pay the right amount for the amount of electricity you use, whether you like to crank the AC down or not. Energy Ogre is all about helping people lower their electricity costs in the summer and throughout the year. Since 2018, our service has saved Texans more than $243 million. 

Want to see if you’re paying the right amount for electricity? Grab your latest power bill and see how it stacks up with what’s currently available by running our free savings calculator.

Savings Calculator

Selecting a Plan with Energy Ogre or Power to Choose

As Sixto mentioned, he doesn’t have to build out a spreadsheet and do the research to find his next electricity plan. For just $10 a month, Energy Ogre takes care of all of that for him. Our team uses Smart Meter Texas data to select the best plan for the amount of electricity his home traditionally uses.

“If you go to, you’ve got a plethora of information there - a ton of companies, all kinds of contracts. You might think you're picking a good contract, but then if you fail to read the fine print carefully, you might end up with a contract that's not going to be worthwhile for you. Energy Ogre does that work for me,” Sixto explained.

At Energy Ogre, we are thankful for longtime members like Sixto. It warms our little Ogre hearts, when we see him and others speak up for Energy Ogre when someone is needing electricity bill help. Thank you, Sixto! We’re so happy to have been able to save you time and money all these years. 

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