Custom Pricing Now Available to Energy Ogre Members

Energy Ogre is proud to announce that we are now receiving custom pricing from a growing number of providers. These REPs truly understand just how we can help revolutionize this industry.  

Energy Ogre's Core Business Model

Our core business model has always been using proprietary technology to analyze Energy Facts Labels (EFLs) of every plan available in the Texas electricity market. We obtain our members' usage information and run an in-depth analysis identifying which plan is mathematically optimized for their needs. 

How Do We Receive Custom Pricing?

Energy Ogre has implemented an option similar to how commercial electricity pricing works. We obtain individual custom pricing for our members based on their unique usage profiles. By utilizing our knowledge of how retail providers hedge, we are able to provide our residential members access to pricing that is not publicly advertised. 

Providing retailers precision data on how much electricity our members will use, allows them to better hedge their exposure and in return, offer lower overall prices to Energy Ogre members. Providers no longer need to guess if a member lives in an apartment versus a huge house or how their summer consumption looks versus winter months. It's a win-win for the electricity provider and our members.

What Does Custom Pricing Mean for Energy Ogre Members?

In addition to offers available to the public, you can now qualify for custom rate programs lower than otherwise available in the marketplace, which is pretty cool! This is a humongous change in our industry. Never has custom pricing been done for residential consumers before. It's this idea that bridging the information gap can actually result in better outcomes for both providers AND consumers, and we are facilitating it. Also, this is the beginning of what's to come for our members in the future.  

A Change is Gonna Come

Without a doubt, Energy Ogre believes consumers ultimately drive change. If we know how you are using electricity today, we can identify any potential adjustments that can be made in the home. For example, interrupting your pool pump, solar cells, or HVAC system during peak usage times. Not to mention, without affecting your comfort level. The demand on our electric grid increases every year. Instead of continuously building new plants, we can change the way we use electricity. 

Energy Ogre wants to make home automation impactful for our members in reducing costs versus just having automation with little function beyond the "cool" factor. When and how you use electricity can result in being offered lower custom rates. We truly want to deploy solutions that are meaningful for consumers. Not just ideas. Real value-driven solutions. Therefore, resulting in less strain on the electric grid, reduced emissions, and money saved. 

Stick with Energy Ogre and you'll always know you're getting a fair deal at a fair price. Most importantly, access to custom pricing not found anywhere else! Now, get back to living your brightest life, and let us handle the rest! 

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