Moving to Texas? Use this Moving Checklist

In this blog, we have made a list of everything you should do to ensure a smooth move to your new home in Texas.

It’s time to move! If you’ve been following our blog, you know we’ve already discussed why so many people are moving to Texas, what to know before moving to Texas, and the places (big and small) you could live. Now it’s time to make it happen. But moving can be complicated and it’s easy to get ogre-whelmed. There are so many things to do for a cross-state move. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Checkout out this handy checklist and you’ll be ready in no time.

Download "Moving to Texas" Checklist

5 Weeks Before You Move:

  • Give moving notice – If renting, let your landlord know you are moving. Check your lease to learn the timing required.

  • Contact a moving company – Make sure they are available and within budget

  • Contact health insurance provider – Make sure changing states won’t impact your coverage

  • Notify old schools – Let them know your children will be leaving and collect any necessary paperwork or reports


3 Weeks Before You Move:

  • Start packing – Packing everything but the essentials

  • Make sure you transfer or set up the following utilities and ensure they’ll be turned off at the old location at the right time:

                - Water

                - Trash pick-up

                - Electricity

                - Gas

Most of Texas is in a deregulated electricity market. That means you can choose your electricity provider. Energy Ogre helps you find the best electricity rates in Texas that fit your needs and budget.


  • Book a truck rental – If you’re moving yourself, reserve a truck in advance
  • Start reducing perishable foods at home – So you have less to take with you
  • Garage sale – Get rid of the stuff you don’t need
  • Service your car – Especially if you’re driving to your new home

1 Week Before You Move:

  • Pack essentials – And use a suitcase to hold items you’ll need for the final few days
  • Transfer prescriptions & medical records
  • Change your mailing address – Thankfully, the first year of mail forwarding is free through USPS
  • Get home/apartment professionally cleaned:

                - Texas Cleaning Services

                - Molly Maid

                - Modern Maids

                - Merry Maids

                - Handy

  • Finish off refrigerated goods and perishables
  • Confirm moving service/truck 
  • Plan childcare for move-in day if necessary
  • Enroll in school – Make sure the new schools are ready for your children

After You Move:

  • Change the locks – If you’re renting or buying a pre-lived-in home
  • Register pet – Make sure your pet meets all pet requirements. These can vary by city and county
  • Update your identification:

                 - Driver’s license/Photo ID

                 - Car registration/insurance

  • Register to vote
  • Notify your financial institutions of your new address:

                 - Banking

                 - Credit cards

                 - Loans

                 - Brokerage

  • Update tax information – The IRS will need your new address; you can provide this on your next tax return. Speaking of taxes...Good news! Texas does not have an income tax!
  • Establish residency – If you or a child is planning to attend a Texas state university for in-state tuition, adhere to the institution’s requirements for residency
  • Explore public transportation and ride-share instead of commuting – Many Texas cities have plenty of options. Find what’s available in your area!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! For an even more expansive list, download our moving checklist below. It’s a great resource to make sure you don’t forget anything. 

Download "Moving to Texas" Checklist

Don’t forget: one of the easiest ways to plan your move is to ask for help. With Energy Ogre, we take all the confusion and stress out of choosing an electricity provider in a new state. Just leave it to us– and you can worry about packing those boxes.

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