In The News: Energy Ogre Shares Electricity Plan Advice

At Energy Ogre, we pride ourselves on being the electricity advocate for Texans. With electricity rates that are out of the normal entering Summer 2022, we understand many people are shocked by what’s happening. Members of Energy Ogre’s leadership team have been able to join local new channels recently to share our expertise, helping make sense of the situation. 

How Natural Gas Pricing Affects Electricity Rates on ABC 13 Houston

The natural gas market shot up heading into Summer 2022. In early June, Energy Ogre’s Chief Operating Officer David Kinchen talked with ABC 13’s Rosie Nguyen to discuss why natural gas is such a key factor. 

Energy Efficiency Can Make a Big Difference on FOX 26 Houston

A major factor in saving on your electricity bill is making your home more energy efficient. Energy Ogre CEO Jesson Bradshaw offered a few tips while talking with Isiah Carey of FOX 26 Houston in late May.

Kinchen also discussed energy efficiency in a story with KHOU 11 Houston’s Tiffany Craig

What Can You Do If an Electricity Conservation Request is Made?

In mid-July, ERCOT asked Texans to conserve their electricity consumption multiple times. On some very hot days, electricity demand was extremely high, and to help make sure there was enough supply, homeowners were asked to do their part. Kinchen joined Tiffany Liou of WFAA-Dallas ABC to discuss some conservation tips. In addition to times of conservation, working some of these steps into your everyday approach can also help lower your electric bill.

Some of the electricity conservation tips include:

  • adjusting your air conditioner thermostat to be 2-3 degrees higher during peak hours
  • closing blinds and using fans
  • avoid running large appliances in the afternoon
  • turn off lights not being used
  • unplug devices 

The Right Plan is Important in Any Language on Telemundo 39 Dallas

Maria Estrada is Energy Ogre’s vice president of operations. In a Spanish-language interview with Telemundo’s Zully Salgado,  she offered advice on plan selection and energy savings tips. 

How a Tweet Led To An Interview on FOX 26 Houston

When FOX 26 Meteorologist Mike Iscovitz tweeted about electricity pricing in Texas, Energy Ogre saw it and wanted to help out. Kinchen joined "Houston's Morning Show" to help weigh out the options in late May 2022. 

How Energy Ogre Works

Cutting Through The Electricity Jargon on KPRC 2 Houston

Selecting a Texas electricity plan can be confusing with so many options and with wording that just doesn’t make sense. Bradshaw joined Derrick Shore on “Houston Life” to explain why it makes sense for Energy Ogre to be your electricity advocate.

Energy Ogre’s Main Goal: Helping Texans

At the heart of what Energy Ogre does, it’s all about helping Texans with their electricity. We want to help people take advantage of the competitive electricity market, and a big part of that is helping people understand what’s going on. So, when a press member reaches out, we appreciate the opportunity to share our knowledge.

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