7 Tips for Energy Ogre Member

Here are some Do's and Dont's

In this post, Energy Ogre gives our members seven basic tips to keep your membership running smoothly! You will find a few things you should and shouldn't do as a member!

Things to Do as an Energy Ogre Member:

1. Read all the emails Energy Ogre sends you. 
Energy Ogre’s primary form of communication is by email and your account will not reach peak functionality if they are ignored. Not paying attention to your emails could cause you to miss payments, fall out of contract, have your account canceled, and more! You can ghost anyone you want but please don’t ghost the Ogres.

2. Always contact Energy Ogre first if you have questions regarding anything from us, your Retail Electricity Provider (REP), or your contract. 
Energy Ogre is here so you don’t have to contact the REP yourself. One of the main benefits of paying to be an Energy Ogre member is having us to contact first so you don’t have to waste any time running around in circles calling or emailing your REP’s customer service.

Having issues with other things in your life? Give us a call and vent. We can be your therapist too!

3. Keep a lookout for any correspondence (email, call, text, etc.) from the REP we have set you up with regarding payment. 
Remember, Energy Ogre is not notified by the REP if your autopay doesn't process correctly. If you are notified that a payment didn't go through, contact Energy Ogre and we will assist you.

Energy Ogre stays on top of your electricity needs as much as we can but being notified that a payment was missed isn't something we currently have access to.

4. Remember that Energy Ogre does not change your electricity provider every month. 
Energy Ogre picks your plan based on your personal usage profile, and those plans are typically between 3-12 months long. However, our system does keep an eye on the market daily in case rates were to drop and it made sense to change your plan early.

If that situation occurs, we will notify you by email and let you approve or deny the switch.

Things You Should Not Do as an Energy Ogre Member:

5. Do not cancel your pre-existing Retail Electricity Provider (REP) contract yourself. 
Energy Ogre will handle the process of switching to your new REP. If you cancel your old plan on your own, you may lose power quicker than we can find your new plan. 

Our usual onboarding time for people who already have contracts in their name is 3 to 5 business days. Once we schedule your new contract to start, it will automatically stop your old contract.

6. Do not renew your electricity contract on your own. 
Energy Ogre will handle the entire renewal process and will contact you if needed. Energy Ogre isn’t contacted by your REP if you renew your contract on your own. That means that we will assume you still need a new contract and we will sign you up with another one.

You can end up with Early Termination Fees (ETF) if this happens. Energy Ogre will consider all plans from other REPs and renewal offers from your current one so you don’t have to do a thing!

7. Do not change your username or password in your Energy Ogre Account before changing them on your REP’s member portal website. 
Updating your Energy Ogre account does not automatically update your account with your REP on their website. Your Energy Ogre Account serves as a file for us to have access to what the correct username and password for the actual REP’s member portal are.

If we can't access your REP's account, then we can't have access to make sure your account runs smoothly.

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