How to Protect Your Home and Save Money During the Holidays

Energy Ogre is committed to ensuring our members have a safe, secure, energy-efficient, and inexpensive holiday season. Our staff, to remix Bing Crosby's famous hit song, is "dreaming of a white smart and safe Christmas." The holidays should be fun, family-filled, and memorable. These memories should be reminiscent of good times, not overspending, damage to your home, theft, and other tragedies that loom o


Executive Insights: What Electricity Prices Will Look Like in 2020

We recently caught up with Energy Ogre CEO, Jesson Bradshaw, to find out what Texans can expect regarding electricity prices going into 2020.

June and July of 2019 were pretty calm. Then all of a sudden, August 2019 came with some big demand spikes that caused the wholesale price of electricity to skyrocket to $9,000 per kWh. Before we go into the history of what that means, let's get to the critical question.


BREAKING NEWS: Financial Apathy Outbreak Taking the Nation by Storm


A very serious epidemic is taking the nation by storm. We call it a financial apathy outbreak. We believe it's a virus, transforming people into mindless spenders with wallets wide open to businesses that are happy to overcharge us simply because we value our time, sometimes more than what's in our bank account...


Avoiding Early Termination Fee Traps

Some people interested in Energy Ogre are faced with a choice: Do I pay my early termination fee with my current provider now or wait until my contract expires? The good news is that we can help you decide! The Public Utility Commission allows your retail electricity provider to charge an early termination fee (ETF) if you switch to another provider before your contract expires.

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