Energy Ogre CEO Answers Questions After Historic Texas Electricity Failure

During a lengthy, detailed Facebook Live broadcast, Jesson answered many common questions Energy Ogre received over this past week. These questions all relate to the historic week we’ve had. Jesson discussed the short and long-term effects on the industry if prices will increase in the future, who or what is to blame, and many other relevant topics.

7 Potential Red Flags Regarding Electricity Plans

If you've lived in Texas long enough, chances are you've run into an unpleasant experience dealing with a Retail Electricity Provider (REP). It's not surprising with all of the tricky ads, teaser rates, and confusing terms. Energy Ogre understands how ogre-vating it can be to determine which plan gives you the biggest bang for your buck. There are several red flags regarding electricity plans that we can monitor.

Put Your Home's Electricity on Ogre-Pilot

Chances are you use cruise control in your vehicle, you have your AC system set to a weekly schedule, and you may also have an automatic sprinkler system in your yard. We get it... life's too busy, and it's helpful to have one less thing to worry about.

In fact, we were founded for the sole reason of giving Texans one less thing to worry about -- namely, overpaying for electricity, and wasting time and effort during the shopping process.

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