CenterPoint Customers Could Be Overpaying for Electricity

CenterPoint customers - this one is for you! Could you be overpaying for electricity? If you live in southeast Texas, chances are you are paying too much. It's a common misconception that the quality of your electricity service depends on the electricity provider you are with. However, your electricity service is managed by your local TDSP (Transmission and Distribution Service Provider) that owns the poles and wires. Such as CenterPoint in most of the Houston area.

Household Budget Tips & Tricks to Help Save Your Family Money

Household Budget Tips & Tricks

You have a family.  You need a household budget.  That's not rare, and not a crazy concept.  The problem is, many of the "best" household budget tips out there require drastic changes to your lifestyle.  You may have to take that family vacation every few years, instead of annually.  Planting and maintaining a garden becomes your source of produce to save at the grocery store.  The truth is, the majority of us just want to find easy, sustainable, and plausible ways to save money and stay within a reasonable budget.  There's no need to overhaul your entire lifestyle or change the way you live.  These household budget tips and tricks will help save your family money, and keep you on track easily.

Moving to Houston - Energy Ogre's Guide to Space City

Energy Ogre's Guide to Moving to Houston. Whether they are native-born or a transplant from a land far, far away, people who live in Houston stay for a reason. You are in for a treat if you are moving to Houston. Not only is the cost of living more affordable than many U.S. cities, but the job market is expanding rapidly. Houston is also culturally diverse. In fact, there are over 145 languages spoken!

Appliances That Raise Your Electric Bill

Appliances That Raise Your Electric Bill. It's difficult to imagine how our ancestors lived without electricity. Modern-day problems are much different from the stone age, and we definitely depend on the energy we use in our homes! Of course, now we have to worry about just how much energy we are consuming. There are several appliances that raise your electric bill, however, there are also some great solutions.

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