Christmas Lights Electricity Cost + Tips to Save This Season!

Christmas Lights Electricity Cost

Tis' the season to be jolly, spend quality time with your loved ones, and FINALLY take down your neighbor Bob in this year's Holiday Home Christmas Decoration Contest! *Insert maniacal laugh here* Ahem...Where was I? Oh right!

Although Christmas displays are merry and bright this time of year, they can have you yelling "Son of a nutcracker!" when your electricity bill arrives. Don't want to cringe when you see your Christmas lights' electricity cost? Try using some of the tips below this holiday season to keep your energy bills and energy use in check.

Tips, Tricks & Smart Solutions to Manage Your Christmas Lights Electricity Cost

  • Use energy-efficient lights. LED christmas lights use up to 90% less energy than other lights. Their wattage is also extremely low while being brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs. You'll pay slightly more for LED bulbs, however, it will keep your electric bills looking slimmer than your waste line through the holiday season.

  • Fiber optic trees and decorations are also amazing for energy efficiency and energy savings! Most sets of fiber optic products use just one single light bulb to illuminate the entire tree or accent piece. Plus, you'll get a pretty jazzy feel from fiber-optic lights.

  • Timers are great for the festive season. It's darker for a longer period of time in the winter, but you'll want your lights to shine when it's dark. Shoot for a 6 hour time period at most each day. Keeping them on a timer (or just maintaining a regular schedule of manually turning them on and off) can really help to save money on your utility bill.

    When your tree is lit up, you can generally turn off all of the other lights in the room. Let the Christmas tree illuminate the room and enjoy that magical glow while saving on electricity! You can also use candles around the area you want more light in, which doesn't cut into your energy usage AND offers a great ambiance!

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  • If you use more energy during the winter months, you'll no doubt raise that cost even more with holiday lights. Pick just a few weeks to display them or cut down on using other things that drive up your energy consumption while the lights are on. No more incandescent Christmas lights. Please! Your wallet is begging you.
  • Use this handy Christmas Lights Electricity Cost Calculator to help you estimate the added usage to your winter electric bills while shopping for or installing your LED lights.

Whether you're trying to break "Big Head" Bob's winning streak or just wanting to spread a little holiday cheer in your neighborhood, we've got you covered. Keep your Christmas lights electricity cost down, save energy, and hang the wreath! The Energy Ogre family wishes you a warm and happy holiday season. 

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