Why Do I Have High Electricity Delivery Charges?

Some consumers may get a little bill shocked when they see their electricity delivery charges. You’ll recognize these charges by different names: transmission charges

Oct 7, 2020


Energy Ogre's 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions

We're answering the 12 most frequently asked questions we get from prospective and current members.

Oct 22, 2020


Energy Ogre's Free Savings Calculator Ensures Texans Never Overpay

You've probably heard the stories or seen the reviews. Energy Ogre saves our members up to 50% of what they were paying. However, we understand there are still some out there that are a little skeptical about our program.

Jan 26, 2021


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Appliances That Raise Your Electric Bill

Appliances That Raise Your Electric Bill. It's difficult to imagine how our ancestors lived without electricity. Modern-day problems are much different from the stone age, and we definitely depend on the energy we use in our homes! Of course, now we have to worry about just how much energy we are consuming. There are several appliances that raise your electric bill, however, there are also some great solutions.

May 28, 2021


Energy Ogre CEO Answers Questions After Historic Texas Electricity Failure

During a lengthy, detailed Facebook Live broadcast, Jesson answered many common questions Energy Ogre received over this past week. These questions all relate to the historic week we’ve had. Jesson discussed the short and long-term effects on the industry if prices will increase in the future, who or what is to blame, and many other relevant topics.

Mar 19, 2021