Commercial Energy Management with Energy Ogre

In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of using Energy Ogre to manage your commercial electrical account. 

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Your business is your business, and you want it to be the best it can be. Energy Ogre is here to support that! Our commercial services department can get your business powered up with the right, cost-efficient plan for your company. 

Does Energy Ogre Offer Commercial Energy?

Over the past decade, Energy Ogre has been a disruptor in the Texas electricity market. Since 2013, we’ve advocated for Texans, ensuring they have the best possible outcome for their electricity account. While we’ve grown by finding members cost-effective electricity plans for their home, we’re also able to provide commercial energy solutions for businesses.

Benefits of Using Energy Ogre for Commercial Electricity

There are many advantages of using Energy Ogre to manage the commercial electricity plans for your business. A few benefits would be cost savings, time savings, bulk negotiating power, post-contract management, transparency, and of course, our outstanding customer service. 

Nearly 3,900 Texas businesses currently use Energy Ogre commercial services to manage their accounts, and it has paid off–literally. In 2023 alone, our commercial customers saved close to $1.65 million by using Energy Ogre. By trusting our experts over a different broker, or trying to find a plan on their own, these businesses were able to benefit big time. Of course, savings and convenience are what we’ve always been about, so let’s look into those two benefits.

Commercial businesses saved over $1.6 million by using Energy Ogre graphic

1. Energy Ogre Is Less Expensive than Most Commercial Electricity Brokers

Before we get into what Energy Ogre offers, let’s first discuss commissions, which is the most common way that energy brokers for businesses earn money.

Brokers compare, negotiate and secure commercial electricity rates in Texas from a retail energy provider. In exchange for that work, most brokers then add a commission to the electricity rate, then offer their customer one full rate. Here’s an example of how that could work:

Retail Energy Provider Rate: $0.090/kWh

+ Energy Broker Commission Fee: $0.006/kWh 

= Total Customer Energy Rate: $0.096/kWh

Typically, an energy broker fee is around $0.005 per kWh.

Different Ways Energy Ogre Earns Money as a Commercial Broker

If you’re considering using Energy Ogre's commercial electrical services for your business, your company’s usage will determine how your account is set up. 

  • Companies using LESS than 80,000 kilowatt hours a year: In this scenario, just like our pay structure for residential members, the fee would be $10 a month ($120 annually).

  • Companies using MORE than 80,000 kilowatt hours a year: For our clients with larger energy consumption, we operate with a commission structure. A big difference though is that our broker fee won’t go above $0.003/kWh. Our fee is often less than what the typical energy broker would charge of $0.005/kwh. For larger users, we can also negotiate custom rates with providers so you get a better deal!

BrokerAverage Month’s Usage (kWh)Broker Fee ($/kWh)Commission ($)Savings
Avg. Company20,000$0.005$100
Energy Ogre20,000$0.003$60$40

In the example above, the difference in using Energy Ogre instead of a typical broker resulted in nearly $500 in annual savings. Of course, every company’s needs are different, but this gives you an idea of the value of our lower broker fees.

2. Energy Ogre Provides Convenience and Expertise in Setting up Cost-efficient Electricity Plans

On top of potential savings, we also make it easier and less stressful to get a commercial electricity contract. You have a million different things to do so your business is running successfully–why not take something off your plate with our service?

With Energy Ogre, not only do we find you a competitive commercial electricity contract at the start, but we manage all aspects of your account moving forward, including things like:

  • Setting up autopay

  • Bill monitoring 

  • Contract renewals

  • Location transfer service

  • Adding multiple locations

  • Move out processing

As your contract is expiring, we’ll keep you up to date on our search for your next deal. If you ever have an issue with the electricity service at your business, just let us know and our customer service team will take care of it.

“We are always transparent with our members and want what’s best for them,” said Weslyn Brown, Commercial Operations Manager for Energy Ogre. “We want to make sure everything with your company’s electricity is as smooth as possible.”

How Energy Ogre Picks Your Commercial Electricity Rate

Commercial rates change daily, so when you sign up with Energy Ogre, it’s important we get the right information to get you taken care of ASAP.

Whether your business is staying at its current location or it’s moving to a new one, when you sign up, we’ll need to know the following for your business:

  • Legal Business Name
  • Hours of Operation
  • Tax ID
  • Contract Signer (can also add authorized signer)
  • Sales Tax Exemption Status
  • Email address of the contact person
  • Type of Business
  • Title of the contact person
  • Service Location
  • Invoice of previous month's bill (if you're switching providers)

You’ll also be able to select a variety of preferences, such as if you’d like to enroll in only green energy plans or if there are any commercial energy providers you’d prefer not to use. 

As we search options from multiple providers, all of these items above factor into our plan selection for your company. We also check the historical usage of the facility and the company to best match the right plan for you. 

Once we have selected a favorable rate, Energy Ogre will send it to you for approval. If it’s agreed upon, you can then sign and submit the contract or authorize Energy Ogre to sign it on your behalf.

Giving Energy Ogre Signature Pre-Authorization

We receive the rates in the morning, and as we mentioned, those rates expire at midnight that day. So, it’s important to act quickly to secure the rate we’ve sent you.

The quickest and easiest way to make sure you get that rate is to grant Energy Ogre signature pre-authorization. What this means is that after you approve the energy rate, we can sign and submit on your behalf. Ultimately, that means you’ll get power to your business quicker. 

Granting that pre-authorization is very simple. You just have to mark and save the selection on your account page. When you select the preferences tab of your account page, you’ll see an option for signature pre-authorization that will look like the screenshot below:

Screenshot of Signature Pre-Authorization questions in Energy Ogre member portal.

In the video below, Luisa and Samantha from our commercial team explain why you’ll want to grant Energy Ogre signature pre-authorization.

Commercial Electricity Delivery Charges

Like residential customers, business consumers will see a part of their bill that covers electricity delivery charges, which are also called TDSP charges (Transmission/Distribution Service Provider). These charges come from the local utility, such as CenterPoint or Oncor. Unlike choosing a retail electricity provider, there will be only one utility company that actually delivers electricity to your business. Remember, delivery charges are legally required to be paid by everyone. They are unavoidable.  

Signing up for Energy Ogre

Energy Ogre is ready to give you the peace of mind that your business’ electricity is all taken care of. You’ll have Texans managing your account, keeping an eye on everything so there’s less stress and less surprises in your monthly energy bills. 

You're an expert in your business, and we’re an expert in ours. Make another one of your smart business moves and sign up with us today!

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