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What Is an ESID Number?

ESI ID: electric service identifier

This ESI ID number (pronounced “Easy I.D.”) is either 17 or 22-digits long, and it identifies a home's address within the Texas electric grid. Energy Ogre prefers the spelling “ESI ID” but the term is also commonly spelled “ESIID” or “ESID.”

An ESI ID number is similar to a home's address, or a person's social security number—all three numbers identify the particular person, place, or thing. 

Essentially, an ESI ID number is a better way of identifying specific homes, apartments, and properties without solely relying on their addresses. This comes in handy when the same or similar addresses pop up around the state.

Why Do I Need My ESID Number?

When you are either turning on power at a new home or shopping the market for a new electricity plan at your current home, you will need to know your ESI ID. This will ensure you're managing your property instead of another.

For example, there could be a 123 Main St address in Houston as well as in Odessa and El Paso. Each of these addresses would have its own unique ESI ID to prevent power being started or switched at the wrong 123 Main St.

Where Can I Find My ESID Number?

There are a few places where you can find your ESI ID. Your electricity bill is one of them. Most electricity bills will have your ESI ID located somewhere on your billing statement. Sometimes in very small text.

Below is a portion of a sample bill where you can find the ESI ID in the “Account Information” section underneath “Service Address” on the second page.

Quick Tip: Your ESI ID is not the same as your electric meter number. To find your meter number, look at your billing statement or on the meter itself.

ESID Lookup

You can also contact Energy Ogre customer service or your retail electricity provider (REP) to identify your ESI ID.

Get Started with Energy Ogre

At Energy Ogre, our job is to make your life as simple and affordable as possible. Besides our ESI ID finder tool, we offer other free resources listed below to help you get the best electricity plans in Texas:

  • Energy Ogre Savings Calculator: Use it to compare your current rate to new, competitive rates Energy Ogre could enroll you in, which will determine how much money we could save you.
  • Deregulated Cities Guide: Around 90% of the state can shop for the best electricity price in their area—this blog shows you specifically which cities and ZIP codes are deregulated and open to competitive pricing.
  • Texas Electricity Learning Center: Our mission is to educate and inform Texans while making sure they make the right decisions when shopping for electricity. Take a look at our collection of blog articles, videos, guides, FAQs, and more to learn about the Texas electricity market.

To learn more about how Energy Ogre works, watch the video below!

Getting the right electricity plan is anything but simple. You have to consider:

  • Energy charges
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