Texas Electricity Rates in Summer 2022 - Answering Your Questions

In this blog, we’ll discuss major factors to consider when comparing electricity rates. You have the power to choose your Texas electricity plan, and we know it’s not easy. With the current high electricity prices, Energy Ogre is your advocate, and each of the videos below answers questions we’ve been hearing from Texans.

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Why Is Electricity Pricing Expensive?

In the video above, Energy Ogre CEO Jesson Bradshaw looks into why choosing a Texas electricity plan has been different in 2022. Here are some factors to consider: 

  • Natural gas, a major source of generation, is in short supply
  • There is higher electricity demand because of drastic weather, an increasing population and international export concerns among other factors
  • All this, plus changes to the grid, inflation, and well, summer, is happening now
  • In addition, some Retail Electricity Providers (REPs) are not taking on new customers

Does It Seem Like Your Electricity Bill Just Doubled?

It's hard to open that electricity bill and see a number that's higher than normal. This summer has been difficult for Texans leaving their legacy contracts and entering into new ones in a higher priced market. Energy Ogre’s Chief Operating Officer David Kinchen joins Bradshaw to discuss how we're handling the current situation now and going forward.

What Is Energy Ogre’s Strategy For Picking Electricity Plans?

Every decision Energy Ogre makes is to help our members. In order to find someone the most cost effective plan for their electricity usage, we consider a variety of factors, not just price. Energy Ogre's Vice President of Operations Maria Estrada stepped into the conversation with Kinchen to explain how plans are selected to suit your needs.

How Energy Ogre Works

Why Is Energy Ogre Worth It when Electricity Prices Are High?

Now, more than ever, it makes sense to have an electricity advocate helping find a plan that makes sense for you. Bradshaw explains that Energy Ogre was founded with the mission of helping Texans navigate the electricity market. We saw that there were confusing plans, tricky freebies, and other ploys to make plans seem more appealing. Bradshaw says right now, those games are back with a vengeance, so you want someone to cut through the confusion.

What Are Some Contract Pitfalls When Comparing Electricity Plans? 

Just because you might see a rate on Power to Choose or another comparison site, that doesn't mean it's always what it seems. Electricity contracts are complicated, and they're often dependent on a set of very specific factors. You have to be wary of “teaser” rates, “bull’s eye” plans, and so many more. Energy Ogre takes everything into consideration when finding the plan that makes sense for the way you use electricity.

Is It Better To Pick Multi-Year Electricity Contracts In Summer 2022?

We hear from many people that think locking into a two or three year plan is the right move. Is it? Kinchen and Estrada look at the factors Energy Ogre considers when selecting plans, as well as offer some insight to where electricity rates are going.

When Will Electricity Prices Go Down?

As we discussed before, it’s not just one thing that’s causing high electricity rates. Normally, as we move out of summer, prices begin to change. Will we see that this year? Bradshaw and Kinchen provide their insights in the video above.

What’s Energy Ogre Doing To Answer Questions From Members?

Energy Ogre is committed to providing excellent customer service. We try to answer questions from our members as quickly and effectively as possible. In Summer 2022, we know the issues are complicated. There's no easy way around it. 

We appreciate the patience of our members, as we understand calls take a little bit longer. This is often a factor of us needing to talk with a third party, such as their provider. That being said, we're all hands on deck to get issues resolved.

Energy Ogre Is Working For You!

We know many Texans are feeling the pinch of higher electricity prices. We totally get that, and it's why we're working as hard as possible to continue finding our members the most cost-effective plans for their usage. We’re working with providers to negotiate better rates. And as we have since Energy Ogre started in 2014, we will act to do what’s best by our members. We are solely committed to them and their financial well being.

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