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Your friend gets the best rate on electricity by using Energy Ogre, and you can too! Energy Ogre is an electricity management company that creates convenience and savings for our members. Instead of spending hours looking for a good plan, the Ogre will save you that time and find the right electricity plan! When you sign up, you’ll earn 30 points, which is worth $30 in credits or gift cards.

Even better, your friend will also get 30 points! Grab a recent electricity bill and fill out the electricity savings calculator below. It will show what the Ogre can do for you or just simply sign up!

See What You Could Save

Our interactive savings calculator estimates what you could pay for your electricity over the next year, based on your current usage, compares it to what you are paying right now, and gives you an estimate of what you could save.

The Ogre

  • Become a Member

    Sign up to become an Energy Ogre member for $10 a month and send us your most recent electricity bill.

  • We Analyze

    Our proprietary technology analyzes and actively monitors 2,000+ different plans available on the market at any given time.

  • We Select

    We generate your customized demand profile and then match you with the most competitive plan that fits how you use electricity.

  • We Manage

    We break up with your old provider, enroll you with a new provider, set up your account, and handle all customer service on your behalf.

  • You Save!

    Save time, save money, and rest easy knowing that you'll never overpay for electricity again! We help take care of the process from beginning to end, and back it up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t just take my word for it…

This is a real benefit in today's cost more world and we are appreciative Energy Ogre is looking out for our family's interests and saving us real money.

… If you don't give them a look then you are just throwing away money.

Absolutely the best. Energy Ogre has saved me countless hours and dollars. Keep up the GREAT work guys.

What a difference Energy Ogre has made. Electric bills under $120 were unheard of before I started using your service. Now, they are rarely over $50! I'm loving it!

This program is awsome. Thank you so much for what you guys do.

Bobby L.

Bedford, TX

Mike C.

Stephenville, TX

Wayne W.

Houston, TX

Tiffany A.

Dallas, TX

Audrey L.

Watauga, TX