Women in Tech - Energy Ogre’s Opportunity for Career Growth

When you think of the most famous female ogre of all time, who comes to mind?  Princess Fiona, right? Smart, fierce, and she doesn’t take __bleep__ from anybody. At Energy Ogre, Laura, Britany, Judel, Weslyn and a whole group of women on our leadership team are the same way!

“I love walking through the office and seeing women in leadership positions,” said Chief Technology Officer Britany Devlin. “It’s one of the main reasons I knew this place could be a great fit for me when I took this job at the start of 2022.”

Energy Ogre: Consumer Advocacy With a Technology Focus

Energy Ogre has always been a technology company at heart. Our proprietary algorithms allow us to find the most cost-effective electricity plans for your home.   

How Energy Ogre Works

“If you look at Energy Ogre, our employees truly reflect the diversity of Houston and Texas,” Devlin said. “And for a tech company, I’m proud to see so many women in leadership roles.”

Energy Ogre LeadershipEnergy Ogre executive team members Laura Thornquist, Maria Estrada and Britany Devlin

Not every tech company is like this. The Boston Consulting Group writes, “Women make up almost half (47%) of the US workforce, but they hold less than one-third (28%) of the leadership positions in tech.”

Energy Ogre’s Executive Leadership Team

At Energy Ogre, our chief technology officer, chief marketing officer, and vice president of operations make up 43% of the executive team. Throughout the company, from the technology department to member care, analytics to operations, there are women in key leadership roles.

“We are looking for talented, smart, hard-working people here, and we know how important each opportunity is,” said Maria Estrada, Energy Ogre’s vice president of operations. “No matter who you are, we want the person that can help our company’s goal, which is serving our members.” 

Career Growth in the Tech Space

Carolina Meza is a great example of what’s possible at Energy Ogre. In August 2020, she started as an analyst in the operations department. Less than two years later, she’s a team-lead.

“I came to Energy Ogre with no energy industry experience,” Meza said. “My mentors guided me and provided me with the tools to succeed. I am very grateful to Energy Ogre for helping me grow and become an asset to the company.”

This is not an unusual story for Energy Ogre. Back in 2014, we started with less than 20 employees. Now, we have more than 100 ogres on staff, and we’ve made the Inc. 5000 list for four straight years. As Carolina was able to experience, we want that growth to lead to more leadership opportunities for our dedicated ogres.

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