Sue Burnett Gives Interview Tips and Discusses Houston Job Market

For this blog post, we interviewed Sue Burnett, Founder and President of Burnett Specialists -- Texas's premier staffing agency. During the interview, Sue gives helpful insight to job seekers and recent college graduates. 

She also offers advice to small business owners on how to stay in business while remaining profitable. 

In this article:

Sue Burnett's background and experience

Advice for job seekers

Advice for recent college graduates

Advice for small business owners

Sue Burnett: A Titan in Texas Staffing

After graduating with a journalism degree from the University of Arkansas, Sue Burnett moved to Texas in hopes of finding a job. Soon thereafter, she became a personnel consultant at a staffing agency.

Sue immediately fell in love with the industry and was promoted to manager six months after taking the job. Four short years later, she got married. Things then started to fall into place for her and her husband, Rusty.

After he encouraged her to start her own company, Sue took the plunge and left her employer. To fund her company's early days, she leveraged her car as collateral to secure a $10,000 loan.

Since then, Sue has created a staffing empire throughout the Lone Star State -- She has 9 offices throughout 6 Texas cities. Burnett Specialists and Choice Specialists (as the company is known in Dallas) filled more than 14,000 jobs last year alone as Texas's top recruiting firm.

We are truly affecting people's lives everyday. That's why I've always loved my career!

Sue Burnett

Founder & President, Burnett Specialists

Advice for Job Seekers

Today's job market is difficult to navigate, especially for those in unstable industries/jobs. Due to unprecedented closures and restrictions, millions of Americans were either laid off or furloughed since the spring.

Since the job market is saturated and most businesses are not looking to hire, many former employees are still looking for work. Due to her years of experience in the staffing industry, Sue has an in-depth understanding of the employment market.

Sue offers the following advice for anyone searching for a job:

  1. Register with multiple staffing agencies.

  2. Tell your family and friends that you're searching for a job!

  3. Prepare for the interviews, even if they are virtual.

  4. Dress professionally, even if the interviewers will be dressed down.

  5. Practice the interview by going over common and even uncommon questions.

  6. Research the company to ensure you are informed about what they do and why they do it.

  7. Negotiate the salary offer because companies sometimes low-ball the candidate.


Advice for Recent College Graduates

Finding your dream job is difficult for people of every age, and many never find it at all. This is especially applicable to recent college graduates looking to enter the professional workforce for the first time.

Once you consider today's economy and the tepid job market, it's easy to see that college grads can have an uphill battle. However, Sue offers quality advice on how to approach beginning your career after earning your degree.

  1. Register with a staffing agency that can promote your abilities and skills.

  2. Work temporary jobs because many can develop into full-time jobs, especially if you succeed in that role.

  3. Focus on making money without limiting yourself to jobs within your degree field.


Advice for Small Business Owners

We can all agree that COVID-19 has changed life for the foreseeable future. Businesses, both big and small, have largely felt the impact.

"This pandemic is without a doubt the biggest crisis small business owners have had since the Great Depression," Sue says. Considering Burnett is headquartered in Houston, Sue is accustomed to the uncertainty and adversity that economic downturns can wreak on companies.

Here are some tips she offers small business owners:

  1. Identify your primary source of income, your target audience, and make sure you're excelling in that area.

  2. Cut all nonessential costs, even if that means layoffs and greatly downsizing office space or inventory.

  3. Get creative! Think outside the box to find new customers and connect with former clients.

  4. Reach out to family and friends to ask for support. Lean on those around you -- chances are, there may be willing to help!


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Full Podcast Episode

We added three smaller clips of our interview with Sue above. Just in case you'd like to watch the episode in full, here it is!


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