Brightening the Holidays with Energy Ogre Savings

Energy Ogre Member Kelly McArdle has one of the most amazing holiday light displays in Texas, all without overpaying on his electricity bills!

65,000 lights. Let that number sink in for a second. That’s how many lights Kelly McArdle estimates are included in his Christmas display this year at his home in Spring, Texas. 

“It doesn’t take much to get me in the Christmas spirit,” says McArdle, who has been an Energy Ogre member for the last 3 years. “As soon as I put the lights out, I’m in a festive mood. I make it everything I would’ve wanted to see when I was a kid.”

How Energy Ogre Works

And it’s not just what he wanted to see as a kid, but specifically, what makes his son, Conor, the happiest. Conor lives with autism, and when his father found a way to connect with him, he put everything into it.

“I noticed a while ago that the sensation of the lights was something he latched on to,” McArdle said. “For some reason that relaxes him. And he can come out here, and I can talk for hours with him. It’s the only time of year I get to do that with him, so it’s really nice.” 

Adding Electricity Bill Savings to the Light Display

McArdle says his home’s display gets bigger every year, because well, Conor gets bigger every year. And while McArdle keeps adding more lights and inflatables, he’s happy that his electricity bill doesn’t necessarily get bigger and bigger.

“When I first started doing this, I didn't know the difference between incandescent and an LED light, but I did know that our energy bill went through the roof,” McArdle said. “The first step was to switch to LED, which brought the bill down a little bit. But then in 2020 we switched to Energy Ogre just before Christmas. And that's when we saw a big drop in the bill.”

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Ringing in the Holiday Electricity Savings

By Energy Ogre’s calculations, the McArdle family has saved around $2,400 on their electricity bills since becoming members in 2020. Energy Ogre’s goal has always been to reduce people’s electricity costs, and with the McArdles, clearly it was about finding the right plan for how much electricity they use and when they use it. 

“The best part for me about Energy Ogre is I don't have to figure out month to month what the best deal is. They figure it out for me, and I just see the results,” McArdle said.

From switching plans to helping people plan for their expected usage, Energy Ogre is here to take care of your electricity needs. And a little extra savings around the holidays gives us all the spirit we need!

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