How Energy Ogre estimates electricity use and costs for a property

Energy Ogre’s proprietary technology analyzes key features of the property, along with weather forecasts and historical usage data from similar homes in the area, to generate a predictive electricity demand profile for that home over the next twelve months.

Each month’s estimated cost is calculated using the average market rate - all fixed rates in the service area applicable to the profile used and flowing that month - and the most competitive rate available for Energy Ogre Members.

Electricity plans are not “one size fits all.”

Especially when you’re moving, it’s important to find a plan that makes the most sense for that home. What works for the neighbors or even your old home, may not be a good fit for this one.

Joining Energy Ogre for just $10 a month would ensure you’re always in the best available plan for your current or new home.

Electricity Tips for Moving in the Deregulated Texas Market

  • Very few providers will start service on a weekend or holiday. Scheduling your service to begin on a weekday will allow you more choices between providers and plans.
  • The utility can connect service at any time on the scheduled start day. Scheduling your service to begin the day before will guarantee you have power on the day of your move.
  • Unlike switching providers for existing service, there is no recission period for move-in contracts. Once you sign, you cannot cancel a new service contract without paying an early termination fee.
  • The start of new service cannot be changed within 72 hours of the scheduled date. You should not schedule service prior to closing to avoid any last-minute changes or delays.
  • You do NOT have to transfer your current contract when you move. With proper documentation, you can cancel your existing contract at any time without having to pay an early termination fee.