What's in it for me?

Put a little in, get a lot out! Joining Energy Ogre is the most valuable decision you'll make today. Read on to find out how you could save up to 40% on your electricity bills. That could be hundreds of dollars a year!

You're paying too much for electricity.

Picked a plan that sounded good?

If you enrolled with a big provider because you knew the name, saw the ad, or liked the free gift, you are definitely paying too much. Some advertised plans can be twice as expensive during the day compared to others!

Haven't thought about your electricity contract in over a year?

If you haven't looked at your electricity plan in a year, you're probably out of contract and paying a punitive rate or stuck in a long-term contract with a more expensive rate.

Made an effort but still aren't sure?

Even if you picked "the cheapest" plan from Power To Choose, you're likely still overpaying. The cheapest plan may not be right for your usage or have hidden fees you didn't know about. Electricity companies are great at making plans look cheaper than they are.

Energy Ogre saves you money.

  • We cut through all the gimmicky plans and find only the ones that offer genuine savings.
  • From the best plans out there we pick the one that fits your personal usage profile. This could be an extra 40% a month back in your pocket.
  • Once we've picked your plan, our continuing service means we act as your customer service department. The difference here is that we work for you and not them.
  • When your contract ends, providers will put you on a variable rate, which could be 10-20% more expensive than you were paying. Just when you aren't looking, your bills quietly go up! We keep an eye on things to make sure you never go out of contract so that never happens.

We save you time and you avoid the hassle.

Not tonight, I'm renewing my electricity...

...said no one ever. Finding a decent plan on your own can take hours, the time spent setting up your account and potentially having to deal with your provider when they have problems. Energy Ogre takes all that off your plate, saving you hours of your valuable time a year!

It's so confusing...

Flat rates, variable rates, tiered rates, hidden fees, and gimmicks like free nights or smart gadgets - you're stuck comparing apples to swamp apples. But we Ogres like digging through the swamp, and our advanced models help us filter those bad apples out and keep your head from spinning!

How would you even know you made the right choice?

You pick a plan, only to lie awake racked with doubt. Am I going to get stung by a hidden fee? What if I calculated my cost wrong? Did I turn the oven off? Do I even have eleven toes? Why do ogres eat so many swamp apples? With Energy Ogre, you'll never second guess if you're in the best plan. (We can't help you with your toes.)

High-value service

By knowing the market, and knowing you, we find the right plan to save you hundreds, and we take all the hassle, uncertainty, and worry out of your hands.

All that money saved, and a better night's sleep! You'd think we were a mattress store!


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Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We will enroll you in the electricity plan that best matches your usage to save you the most money.
  • If you have any issues, we will work with your
    electricity provider to resolve them for you.
  • We offer a refund if you are not completely satisfied with our service.

...We are enjoying great savings without the hassle of having to do it ourselves. We paid for the service in savings within the first month of signing up... Would highly recommend to everyone.

We love you guys! ... You literally cut our bill in half! I have recommended your company to no end and appreciate all the hard work y'all do to save our family money. Customer Service is fast and efficient too.

These people are Fantastic! ... I am saving over 50% off my home electric bill and about 30%+ off my business electric bill.

Wow! So glad we heard about this amazing company! They have saved us so much money! They take care of everything! Energy Ogre you rock!

… If you don't give them a look then you are just throwing away money.

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