It's Time for a Breakup!


It's Time to Break up with Your Electric Company!

Do you feel like every paycheck quickly disappears into the mysterious hands of your retail electricity provider (REP)? Do you feel ignored and neglected because of the countless hours you've spent on hold waiting for customer service? Has the majority of the conversations you've had with your retail electricity provider turned into a fight? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it might be time for a breakup. Think of this as an intervention. It's for your own good. Why let money run out your door? You work hard for that paycheck! 

Look, we want you to be happy, and you just don't seem to be benefiting from your relationship. That electricity company is taking advantage of you. It's making you work harder and longer. 

It's all give on your side and all take on their side. Every time you try to communicate with them, you hit a dead end. It's like talking to a brick wall, and you can't solve problems like that. 

It's time to say, "I'm just not that into you." It's almost Valentine's Day and you deserve to be happy! Lucky for you, we're here to help. After all, being in a toxic relationship with your retail electricity provider can drain your bank account and your happiness.

Follow these three steps for a fool-proof breakup strategy and be on your way to better days.

  1. Visit our Savings Calculator for a preview of what you could start saving on your electricity bill. Sometimes, the grass really is greener on the other side.
  2. If you like what you see (and we bet you will), become an Energy Ogre member for just $10 per month.
  3. Let us take the wheel. We'll handle the rest of the breakup for you, so you never have to look back.