If You Snooze, Then You Won't Lose!


For Once, A Snooze Button You Won't Feel Guilty Using


Do you want to make your life simpler, easier, and more affordable? We hope so, and we'd like to help you. by finding you the lowest fixed-rate electricity plan that matches your needs.

However, we understand the timing may not be right. If you're still in a contract with your current provider, then you may be subject to paying an early termination fee (ETF).

Sometimes we can save members so much that the ETF is worth paying to end your current contract ASAP. But if that's not the case in this situation, we've created a solution for you.

Interested Texans like you, who are under contract for more than 45 days, can still become members and avoid paying an ETF.


Here's How Snooze Works

Here's how the snooze option works. You will:

  1. Sign up as our member
  2. Pay membership fee and send us your latest electricity bill
  3. Receive a Bill Analysis, where our experts analyze your current electricity situation, comparing your rate and usage to the market and historical data
  4. Decide to keep your current contract, enroll in the cost-efficient plan we picked for you, or snooze Energy Ogre membership until your current contract ends

If you chose to snooze your account, your membership payments will stop. Next, we'll "wake" you up (gently, I promise) when the time is right. After we find your perfect plan, you will save time and money immediately and indefinitely as your membership continues.


Benefits of Snoozing Your Membership

Our snooze option allows you to:

Once you enroll as a member, regardless of whether or not you snooze first, our ogre team will take great care of you. We're so confident you'll love the benefits of being part of our team that you have a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Still not sure how it works? Learn more about our process here!

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