Former Texas A&M 12th Man Cullen Gillaspia Tackles High Electricity Prices

This post introduces Energy Ogre's partnership with Cullen Gillaspia, former Texas A&M 12th Man. Cullen is a proud advocate for Texan electricity consumers throughout the state!

We compiled this post from our previous Say Watt?! podcast conversation with him! Here's the full episode if you'd like to tune in! Near the end of the video, we play a fun game of "12 Questions" with Cullen that we think you'll love, covering several topics.

From College Walk-on to Beloved 12th Man

Cullen Gillaspia, a Houston native, has made a name for himself on and off the football field since he enrolled at Texas A&M in 2014. From walking-on to A&M's historic football program to being drafted into the NFL in 2019, Cullen epitomizes working hard and paying your dues.

During his redshirt sophomore season, Head Coach Kevin Sumlin gave Cullen the coveted distinction of The 12th Man -- an honor given to a walk-on player who exemplifies teamwork, loyalty, and determination.

He initially played linebacker but became the Aggies' leading special teams player. As a senior, he swapped playbooks and transitioned to fullback.

He finished his career as the only 12th man ever to score a touchdown or get drafted into the NFL. In doing so, Cullen left a lasting mark on the 12th Man tradition.

Life As an NFL Player

This year Cullen entered his second season as a full-back and special teams expert. Unfortunately, he battled a couple of injuries during the first half of the 2020 season but managed to play through them.

However, as he continues to recover, he's poised to have a successful second half of the season. While being a young NFL player can be a challenge, Cullen handled the pressure and learning curve with poise last season.

Becoming a professional athlete was surreal for Cullen, who spent his childhood dreaming of playing football on Sundays. Early on, though, he understood that his livelihood is at stake. So, he's spent countless hours over the past season and a half preparing, working out, studying the playbook, and treating his body accordingly.

So far, Cullen is enjoying life as an NFL athlete. Though he has more free time now as a pro, he adjusts his daily routine to ensure success both on and off the field.

Cullen and Energy Ogre Make a Great Team

Cullen Gillaspia

One thing I've always prided myself on is my desire to help the people around me. With Energy Ogre's help, I'm now able to help families reduce their electricity bills by hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Energy Ogre wanted to partner with Cullen because of his outstanding character and inclination to help others. And Cullen recognized that he could help countless Texans across the state by teaming up with Energy Ogre.

"One thing I've always prided myself on is my desire to help the people around me," Cullen says. "With Energy Ogre's help, I'm now able to help families reduce their yearly electricity bill by hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars."

Here's What Energy Ogre Can Do for You

By shopping the thousands of plans on the market, Energy Ogre finds the best electricity plan tailored to your needs. To make a long story short, we simplify your life by shopping and managing your contracts -- our platform saves our members up to 50% on their electricity bills.

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New Game Plan: Sign Up and Start Saving

Here's one stat worth remembering: 90% of Texans overpay for electricity each month. So, chances are you and eight of your neighbors are paying too much.

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Cullen Gillaspia: Gridiron Great and Aspiring Actor

We created these three promo videos to showcase our service and Cullen's captivating acting skills to promote our partnership.

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