Have No Fear, the Ogre is Here

The time has come once again! Leaves are starting to fall, the air is (hopefully) starting to cool, and ghouls and goblins will soon be awakened. But have no fear, the Ogre is here! Max, the Energy Ogre, that is.

Many Texans are haunted each month by overpriced and confusing electricity contracts. They are often tricked into signing up for plans offering “treats”, such as free nights and weekends or bill credits. These treats can seem alluring at first but can end up costing you more money in the long run. Energy Ogre takes care of its members. We specialize in fighting off the frightening electricity bills and confusing contracts

Energy Ogre is Your Consumer Advocate

Energy Ogre is your big green consumer advocate that researches all Texas electricity plans available to find out which one is right for you. We take into account your historical usage data, size of your home, and many other details to be able to make sure you save as much money on your monthly electricity bill as possible.

The Power to Choose Our Great Service

Need to update your autopay credit card because some pesky goblins took it? Done. Need to transfer electricity to a new home because your old home was haunted? We got your back. 

Our team is always available to answer any questions or address any problems you may have.

How Energy Ogre Works

In fact, here’s a recent example of how Jackie, one of our best agents, helped a member in a BIG way!

What Makes Energy Ogre Different?

You may ask yourself “what makes Energy Ogre different from any of the other energy management companies?” Well, there’s one spooky fact that may shock you. Some energy management companies are owned by companies that also own retail electricity providers (REPs). That means there could be bias to put you with certain companies under their “umbrella” instead of the enrolling you in the best option. 

Energy Ogre is completely unaffiliated with any retail electricity provider we sign our members up with. This means that we do not receive any sort of compensation or kickbacks from the companies we do business with. Energy Ogre only gets paid by our members.

Texas Electricity Rates: Don’t Overpay Anymore

Gone are the days of questioning, “Does it make sense to break my current contract?” or “Am I still getting a good electricity rate?” Energy Ogre keeps constant watch over the market and calculates every possibility for you. That means if a better deal comes along while you’re already in contract, we’ll let you know.

All of us here at Energy Ogre want you to enjoy your pumpkin spice season as much as possible.


Don’t waste your time looking for electricity contracts when Energy Ogre can find and manage the best contract for you! Sit back and enjoy the cool weather and sugary treats, while Energy Ogre protects you from frightening electricity bills.

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