BREAKING NEWS: Financial Apathy Outbreak Taking the Nation by Storm

A very serious epidemic is taking the nation by storm. We call it a financial apathy outbreak. We believe it's a virus, transforming people into mindless spenders with wallets wide open to businesses that are happy to overcharge us simply because we value our time, sometimes more than what's in our bank account.

Electricity, insurance, cable. Oh my!

For so many services, we are needlessly overpaying. We stay put because we'd rather not deal with haggling or taking time to learn more in order to make an educated decision.

How do we find a cure for financial apathy?

By understanding what apathy is and why we are allowing it in our lives. Apathy literally means without feeling. Whenever you know there's something important to do, yet you just lack the drive to pursue it without any compelling emotion to direct your behavior. You simply aren't sufficiently stimulated to do anything about it. The problem is that people don't really understand how much money they are throwing away year after year due to financial apathy. Apathy costs. So we need a real wake-up call as consumers, especially for those of us who suffer from a consistent dose of financial apathy.

Apathy in Electricity

Apathy among energy users is largely driven by a lack of knowledge and it's the challenge that we face daily here at Energy Ogre. We are trying to wake people up.

In 2002, the government deregulated the electricity marketplace to allow competition. It was good for consumers until big retail providers swooped in and began bombarding the public with gimmicks and misinformation in order to win business.
Everywhere you turn these mind-numbing gimmicks are there! TV, radio, billboards. People knock on your door, bombard you in grocery stores, and fill your mailbox with flyers - they're literally everywhere!

The endgame: to numb the minds of the general public and induce the #ApathyVirus

More insight from our CEO Jesson Bradshaw.


Pay attention to what you are actually paying.

Always shop for the lowest electricity rates available. You can use sites like Power to Choose, but make sure that you look at the EFL of each plan to determine the actual price you're going to pay. Energy Ogre vs Power to Choose -- What's the Difference?

Not interested in messing with it, but still want the best deals?

Use Energy Ogre! Our average member saves about 40% in their first year, which is pretty impressive. 

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