Energy Ogre Reviews: Matthew Goes Above and Beyond!

Energy Ogre serves our members in big and small ways every single day. However, our Ogre hearts really flutter when we truly make a difference for a member. Our team aligns with our core value of helping people. They always have our member's best interests at heart. When a fellow Ogre gets great reviews, we celebrate them! So a big shout-out goes to Matthew, our Commercial Operations Ogre. He consistently receives raving reviews for his work on behalf of our members. Recently, he rose to the challenge and responded with over-the-top service.

Here's Matthew:

As a Commercial Operations Ogre, I like to assist our commercial/business members in any way possible. Whether it's brokering the best rates or simply assisting them with a change to their account.
Before moving out of their medical office, our member asked that we schedule electric service to end.
I confirmed the request with their provider for the date they requested and followed up to let them know.

Mission Accomplished! Or so I thought...

Energy Ogre Review - Matthew Goes Above and Beyond! - 4

Unfortunately, the member dated the request just a few days too soon. So, the lights went out while they still had a bit of work to do.
They called me back in a panic and I quickly called the provider to see if they could help us out. Luckily, they scheduled a new order to temporarily restore power.
Since it was Friday afternoon, I wanted to ensure they would get power restored before the weekend. So, I called Oncor, the TDSP, to have them review the status of the order. Since power had been turned off, they requested a permit from the city to have the power restored.
Fortunately, power had just been turned off. Oncor said they could possibly restore power that day if the city could quickly send them a temporary release.

Race Against Time

I quickly conferenced in the member with the city and explained the situation. At first, the representative mistakenly identified us as another company. She informed us that they could not come to the location to complete the inspection until Monday.
For a moment, my heart dropped.
Luckily, I had asked if she could verify the address again. After further review, she realized we had not spoken with her as she previously thought. She took down the address and placed us on a brief hold.
At this point, I'm crossing my fingers.
She came back and informed us that since power had not been off more than 24 hours they would not require a permit after all. She even called Oncor while she had us on hold to inform them of the electrical permit release.


Just to tie any loose ends, we called Oncor back to ensure they could see the order and temporary permit release. They informed us that the property was equipped with a smart meter and should have power back on anytime before 11:59 p.m.
Even better, they turned the power back on approximately 30 minutes after the call!
It felt amazing to know that I turned a terrible situation around so quickly after facing such a major hurdle.
Matthew told us that making our members happy drives him every single day. We at Energy Ogre could not be more proud of him. So, we wanted to scream it from the rooftops! He left such a great last impression on a member who already had enough to worry about while moving.

Way to go, Matthew!