KPRC's Amy Davis Shares to Help Cut Electric Bills

We are more than flattered and very excited to be featured on such a wonderful station! Here’s what KPRC’s Amy Davis had to say about Energy Ogre and how to cut electric bills:

Have you checked your electric bill lately? Or do you try not to look? The hot summer months can take a toll on your home’s A/C, which is working overtime to keep your family cool. But you may be able to lower your bill without sweating it out.

Consumer expert Amy Davis shows you a Houston company that is helping hundreds of people save money on their electric bills.



“It’s neat to help people, and when they get excited, they tell other folks,” said Energy Ogre CEO Jesson Bradshaw. “And that’s sort of been the engine for us to keep going.”

Bradshaw is a former energy executive who is now helping homeowners find the best electric companies and rates to keep their bills low. It’s something most consumers just don’t know how to do.

“What’s the biggest mistake people are making when they’re trying to choose an electric company?” Davis asked Bradshaw.
“I think a lot of people just sort of forget when their contracts come up, and they don’t really keep up with some of these things,” Bradshaw answered. “Particularly if they’re set up on auto-pay, so it’s out of sight, out of mind.”

Just try looking for the lowest priced plan on the state’s Power to Choose website. Most people get confused, duped, or both. It’s because many of the prices listed to allow you to compare rates are not apples to apples. One may say 9 cents a kilowatt but not reveal the $10 monthly charge upfront.

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