Three Ways to Save Money in 2021

At Energy Ogre, our mission is to help save you time and money. Sure, that begins with cutting your electricity costs, but it doesn’t end there. We’ve blogged about different money-saving techniques before, like grocery shopping tips and using certain apps.

Simple Tips to Immediately Lower Summer Electricity Bills

These Tips Can Help You Start Saving Immediately

Summer heat in Texas can be brutal, but your electricity bill doesn't have to make you sweat! Energy efficiency is necessary for your home so you can enjoy running your A/C unit, without paying ridiculously high electricity bills. Use these simple tips to lower your electricity bill. Save a nice chunk o' change on your electric bill with very little effort.

Paying Your Electricity Bill: How You Pay Matters

Everyone pays their bills differently. A lot of us even pay different bills, different ways. It's all about what works for you. However, sometimes the easiest for us may not be the best option for paying a specific bill and can cause more of a headache than it's worth. When it comes to electricity, most Retail Electricity Providers offer several options to ensure their customers can pay their bills each month, on time. 

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