Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Do smart thermostats actually save a lot of money?

Any Texan will tell you that air conditioning is essential to living comfortably in the Lone Star State. If you’re not careful though, you can end up paying way more money to cool down than you should have to. Want an easy way to fend off those high electricity bills? Use a smart thermostat. 

We love low electricity bills at Energy Ogre, so helping you learn more about the main benefits of smart thermostats is right up our alley.

How Energy Ogre Works


With scheduling capabilities, smart thermostats can create personalized run times based on your daily routine and preferences automatically. They can learn when you typically leave or arrive home and adjust the temperature accordingly. This adaptability ensures that your home is always at a comfortable temperature while people are home but at the same time, it minimizes energy usage when no one is present.

Weather Forecast Information

The Texas weather can be extremely erratic as well. One week it’s freezing outside and the next you’re wearing shorts. Many smart thermostats can gather information from local weather forecasts to make the most of when strange weather occurs.  For example, if a heat wave is coming in, a smart thermostat could preemptively cool your home instead of waiting for you to manually cool down your home in the middle of the heatwave. This is important because, the hotter the weather, the harder your air conditioning has to work to cool your home down. And the harder the air conditioner works, the higher your usage and electricity bill will be. Therefore, cooling your home down before the heatwave hits will be easier on your air conditioner and save you money!

Remote Control

Perhaps the most convenient feature of a smart thermostat is that they can be controlled remotely. With just one app on your phone, you could make any adjustment you wanted without even getting up from your couch. This can also come in handy if you’re away from home and feel like making a change for your family, pets, or just some peace of mind.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

Smart thermostats can also integrate with other smart home devices and systems, creating a cohesive ecosystem. They can connect with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, enabling voice control and hands-free operation. Integration with other devices like lights, sensors, and door locks allows for advanced automation and energy optimization.

Utility/REP Incentives

Some retail electricity providers (REP) now offer smart thermostat installation as a part of their electricity contracts. Along with installation, they may offer incentives or rebates to entice Texans to sign up with them. But be careful, any electricity plan that advertises incentives or rebates is usually a bad idea. Why is that? Well, even with those extras thrown in, you actually end up paying more than you would without them.

Another thing to watch out for, receiving a thermostat from a provider might automatically enroll you in a demand response program. That means that you may have pre-authorized the provider the ability to raise your thermostat a few degrees when needed for conservation efforts. You can typically call the provider and ask to opt out of that program.

Since finding electricity can be confusing, Energy Ogre was started to find the cheapest electricity plans for every Texan by analyzing their usage history and comparing it to countless plans on the market. To put it simply, members of Energy Ogre are always enrolled in the plan that will save them the most money. Curious what the lowest electricity prices are in your area? Use our tool below. It’s simple and only takes a few seconds!

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Smart Thermostat Savings

All in all, smart thermostats make your life a lot easier and keep your wallet fat. According to Energy Star, “On average, savings (of smart thermostats) are approximately 8% of heating and cooling bills or $50 per year.” But do remember, the bigger your house or higher your energy usage, the more money you will save.

Popular Smart Thermostats

Here are a handful of the most popular smart thermostats today!

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