7 Easy Pool Tips to Save Big Money

Lowering Pool Costs Can Make a Big Splash on Your Budget

Pools are a lot of fun, but they can be pricey. Above ground, pools can cost thousands of dollars, and the average in-ground pool costs $35,000, according to Homeguide.com.

If you’re reading this, then chances are you already have a pool, or you’re considering installing one. So now you’re focused on finding cost-efficient solutions to maintain your pool.

7 Easy Pool Tips to Save Big

1. Variable Speed Pool Pumps

According to Bill Esposito, founder and owner, Esposito Pools, these energy-efficient pumps need less electricity to operate, and they are more reliable than traditional pumps.

"With the correct programming, variable speed pumps usually reduce electricity consumption by 80% annually," Bill says. "This means a pool that costs $100 per month can run for as little as $20 per month."

The savings created by these pumps greatly exceed the pump's price, so the pump basically pays for itself. Therefore, installing variable speed pool pumps is hands-down and inarguably the greatest return-on-investment.

2. Solar Pool Cover

For many homeowners, running the pool heater means running up the electricity bill. Of course, pool heaters are convenient and make the pool more comfortable. However, there is a similar and cheaper alternative: solar pool covers.  "Solar Blankets will add heat to your pool depending on the amount of surface coverage and the amount of direct daily sunshine," according to this report from In The Swim. The report also states pools that get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight on the pool can experience a 10-15 degree F swing. 

3. Maintenance: A Little Goes a Long Way

Homeowners should clean their pools periodically instead of once every blue moon. This will keep your pool water clean and clear. It'll also prevent intense algae formation, which can be difficult and expensive to combat. Taking an incremental approach to pool maintenance will prevent the need for intensive cleanings, and it'll lessen the time it takes to fix big issues that may arise from neglect.

4. Turn Off Pumps and Fountains When Not in Use

Does your backyard pool kinda-sorta resemble the famous Bellagio Hotel and Casino? Even if it's a fraction of that magnitude, you can save a lot of money each month by turning off any fountains or waterfalls you may have. Do these features look beautiful and sound wonderful? You betcha. However, they are also costly. So be sure to electricity these features only when you're using them, especially when you're away from home.

5. Using Baking Soda as an Alkalinity Increaser Alternative

Alkalinity Increaser helps to maintain balanced pool water by raising total alkalinity to the proper level of 80 to 150 parts per million. Pool stores carry more expensive, name-brand products to do the job. Luckily, good ole baking soda can do the trick for half the price. Here's a step-by-step guide from Arm & Hammer on how to use your favorite household product instead of the expensive alternative to raise your pool's alkalinity.

6. Buy Supplies in Bulk and at the end of Season

As we discussed in no. 5, pool chemicals and supplies can be quite expensive. But just like other products and goods, buying in bulk will typically save you some money in the long run. The only caveat we'll throw your way is to check the expiration date. However, most supplies will last for at least the next 12 months.

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I Can Already See the Savings

We're confident these easy pool tips will help you save money in the future. These tips are also pretty easy to adopt, so hopefully, they work well for you and your home. Energy Ogre is committed to making your life brighter and better. Hopefully, this resource is an example of that. We know that every dollar counts, and we want to empower our members and readers to save money when and where they can. As we always say, "Stay cool, be kind, and do great things!"

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